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You are my flower boy


A simple but not-so-normal first year college student working in a florist shop

until one day a member of infinite got dragged in by 3 hyperactive puppes....



this is my first time writing an infinite fic so i hope you guys will like it! :D do comment and subscribe thanks so much! ^^



Lee Jang Ri, 19

- Studying major in journalism in Woollim College

- Working as a part time florist along the neighbourhood where INFINITE stays

- Enjoys listening to r&b music and sometimes learn female idol groups' dances

- Sharing an apartment with her bestie, Na Kyung.

- Charming with her own features, never dated before

- Psychic ability.... (will be later revealed ;D)


Kim Myung Soo, 20

- Visual of Infinite

- Likes dogs but finds it a hassle especially when they poop and make a mess in their dorm XD

- Have a soft spot for girls with long eyelashes and slim fingers (ok i made the fingers part up)

- Have a cool image but pretty much emotional inside


Jang Hyeon Soon, 20

- Jang Ri's 'brother' as they go way back since elementary school

- Major in Music Studies in Woollim College

- Crush on Jang Ri for 3 years but preferred to stay the way it is

- Righteous and never fail to stand up for the disadvantaged

- Only one who knew about Jang Ri's little secret

- Stays a few street away from Jang Ri


Park Na Kyung, 19

- Jang Ri's best friend since elementary school and an inspirit ;D

- Her bias is leaderGYU!

- Major in psychology in Woollim College

- Tends to be more matured and  the 'unnie' for Jang Ri although she's 5 months younger



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misset95 #1
Chapter 37: Not being offensive towards author-nim but it's just my rants......... I HOPE NOT ANY SINGLE DAY IN THE FUTURE THAT TAESUNG OPPA AND HIS COMPANY WILL FACE THIS KIND OF SITUATION!!!!~ OTHER COMPANIES TOO!!! GAHHHHHHHH~~~~~ XP
avantgarde #2
Chapter 40: great story... way to go author-nim...
freakris #3
why hadn't I read this earlier!!
you are Daebak authornim :)
babahchen #4
Chapter 1: HI JUST FOUND THIS STORY its my bias MYUNGSOO OOOOOOOMG this story seems interesting, ill read it as soon as possible! hwaiting authornim~ <3
kikiiosz #5
Chapter 5: I like your story so far but damn, Na Kyung is so annoying and getting on my nerves. Felt like ____ slapping her for being such a c*ckblocker and ruining the moment. Excuse the language ^^
daydreambeliver #6
Chapter 35: Your wish is my command. I comment. .....Keep it up!
daydreambeliver #7
Chapter 34: Ohohoho...the plot thickens :).
-jessi91- #8
I love yheir sweet moment...finally they can meet again...and why is hyeon soon go to woolim ceo??
Update soon ^-^
lolaurakelly #9
wonder why hyeon soon was in the CEO's office!
Keep on writing author-nim!!
cianra #10
@-jessi91-: thanks for always posting comments whenever i update~ haha. yup i think i feel quite bad making hyeon soon always the one suffering most of the time too XD