Dirty Little Secret


What does a group of delinquents from the average school TS and a group of kingkas from the elite school Woollim have in common?


A lot more than you think…






Some secrets are better left a mystery.


Mysteries are more interesting when they can’t be solved.


People want to know more.


They crave knowledge.


They crave answers.


But the more they know, the less interesting it becomes.




Some secrets are better left a mystery.


Because some secrets…




…just might kill you.




I’m sorry for starting another fic when I just threw Cerberus High out there but I couldn’t help myself! T^T


You can blame B.A.P and Infinite for being so ridiculously awesome…


It’s their fault…




Thank you, ShadowYin, for the freaking awesome BLOW YOUR MIND full trailer!


~Kira :3


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DuckyAlice #2
Chapter 33: I hate eunwoo so much. So so much. I'm sorry, I'm selfish..I wanna hit her so hard. I'm so sorry ;-; my urges though..I hate people like her....nope nope. Sorry (not sorry). But I must say, great story. Though I read 3/4 of it cause I just can't stand some characters..I personally really really like daehee's/Mimi's personality. Strong. So..nice o.o I also got confused in the middle of the story since I couldn't keep up with all the stuff that was happening. xD though I was hoping that daehee and daehyun were lovers instead of siblings..but good story o.o
teentop_lover13 #3
I love this Fanfic^^
UselessConfidence #4
Chapter 52: OMG... I should've read this before I even started Alphabet Romance... everything is so clear now askdjfhadhfa this story gave me the chills... it's just awesome.. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY, I'M SPEECHLESS ;A;
leoloris #5
woahh!! speachless! how can
just a trailer attract me to read this
story.. feel like watching movie trailer
tianinja #6
Chapter 52: I just read this in literally two days.
ugh the plot twists, the character developments, the flashbacks omg just everything had me.
syayuuri #7
Chapter 52: I love this story! Definitely one of my favs ever! Yongguk and Jieun scenes omg my BangSong feels. I ship them so damn hard it hurts /crypoolofblood. Thank you for this awesome story, author-nim! :D
lia2298 #8
this story is daebak!! i have been a silence reader here.. i just made a new account here so i'm sorry i can subscribe and up vote now.. :(
this story is amazing!!! thumbs up!!! <3
BABYMinRin #9
wahh! the teaser was daebak! it was like a teaser for a real movie! uwahh!
ForeverThinkinOfFood #10
Whoaaa i didnt even have started to read your story and its already AWESOME. DAMN that trailer is soooooo cool
Biancer #11
Chapter 52: That story was awesome! Thank you for writing it (: