Dirty Little Secret


What does a group of delinquents from the average school TS and a group of kingkas from the elite school Woollim have in common?


A lot more than you think…






Some secrets are better left a mystery.


Mysteries are more interesting when they can’t be solved.


People want to know more.


They crave knowledge.


They crave answers.


But the more they know, the less interesting it becomes.




Some secrets are better left a mystery.


Because some secrets…




…just might kill you.




I’m sorry for starting another fic when I just threw Cerberus High out there but I couldn’t help myself! T^T


You can blame B.A.P and Infinite for being so ridiculously awesome…


It’s their fault…




Thank you, ShadowYin, for the freaking awesome BLOW YOUR MIND full trailer!


~Kira :3


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shapphire #1
Chapter 17: I'm back!! I forget about the story (-.-)a
Why did I keep telling myself genius reader?? Aish, this one
I don't get anything (- -)a
alianord97 #2
Chapter 14: TT.TT daehyunie waee ...... omo this is so sad :(
shapphire #3
Chapter 16: I see there's development between HoWon and MiHyun. I didn't expect Youngjae would follow her *the fallen of genius reader* Now I'm wondering where are Yongguk and Himchan going. And from this chapter I know that MiMi had a dark past, her parents were killed in front of her eyes. The dog's mother died in front of her puppies *the raise of genius reader*
I saw from earlier comment, Daehee is MiMi. They aren't couple, that's why MiMi could disguise as Daehyun. Comments really spoil everything -. .-
*and so is my comment*
shapphire #4
Chapter 14: What? Daehyun's alcohol tolerance? I didn't see Daehyun was drinking alcohol at the previous chapter. Oh no, the genius reader is confusing~ @_@
shapphire #5
Chapter 13: I'm extremely genious so I understand the whole story~ Hohoho XD
shapphire #6
Chapter 11: But I like Delinquents VS Kingkas more! (*0*)
Chukkae EunWoo, you got Daehyunie's smile! (^-^)
shapphire #7
Chapter 10: Now I'm addicted into the story. I should sleep now!!! DX
It's like I'm playing a visual novel, heheh (^_^)
shapphire #8
Chapter 9: Why there was Yongguk's birthday? Is that a filler, Author-nim? Oh~ Daehyunie talked! Yongguk really likes JiEun. My favorite scene is where Zelo and Himchan were crazy about being bald!! If badboys in my school were like them, I wouldn't be scared of them. Piece of cake! Hahahaha *evil laugh*
shapphire #9
Chapter 5: Omona~ I laughed over Yongguk's sledgehammer! XD Why isn't this tagged as comedy? XD
What does the mean of apply, Author-nim? Since this story has reached its ending, I don't have to participate right? So~ They are assassin, hardly right. I mentioned about secret agent. So MiMi isn't me?
shapphire #10
Chapter 4: I don't ship them but I do feel they will be married couple in the future. There are so many possibilities running in my head. Is MiMi some kind of secret agent? Is JiEun as M in JamesBond? No XD And is Yongguk as daddy? Haha, weird scenarios. But are MiMi and Daehyun a couple?