Gangster Love Completed!

by jessicat97
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Taecyeon, Yoona, some 2PM members and some SNSD members


Yoona and Taecyeon was friends at a very young age. Their families were neighbors in a apartment. Both their families were almost in poverty. They have always wanted to study aboard so they can let their family live a better lifestyle. Yonna's family then won the lottery and they forced Yonna to move and study aboard in the states. Yonna left for seven years and came back. Taecyeon's family still lived in that apartment. Taecyeon had also turned into a gangster. It wasn't his choice but it the only way he could find money to raise his family. What would happen once they meet each other again?


Second fanfic! Hope you like :3

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Janine_07 () says about chapter 12:
Awe sad ending

Janine_07 () says about chapter 12:
Awe sad ending

caphat () says about chapter 11:
OMG!this story make me cry.huhuhu~

TaecYoon_KhunToria () says:
Sorry for commented just now.. I just done read it now.. It's sad ending but I really love it... It's really wonderful story and yeay !! Yoona pregnant Taec's baby :)

mochipika () says:
;______; yourrr storry!!!! toooooooooooo sadddd!!

nantana () says:
i want a happy ending

ainfatiha () says:
i want a happy ending

yoona_foreverlovely () says:
i want a happy ending

FKhanHeartYulsic () says:
i want a very very happy ending. please :)

GSL1999 () says:
I want a happy ending

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