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Please Verify Your Age [M] Completed!

Trigger Warning
by Pataco_95
228 subscribers | 8604 views | Updated | Created
Tags   romance   bap   jungdaehyun   daehyun   | Report Content | A A A A

Please Verify Your Age - main story image


Daehyun, OC, B.A.P



You are my 12th sister.
Out off the other sisters that I've had,
you are the one I cherish the most.
Though I don't show you my
love, though I am harsh towards you, just hold onto me.
Please, only look at me...

[ WARNING: This story contains SMUT and SWEARING. SMUT chapters will be marked with (M) beside them. ]


hey everyone!
I hope you all will enjoy this story! ^^ it's featuring
Aigoo, that boy is such a cutie >< his voice is to die for! DLSK:ALJDSA
*cough cough* ahem... anyways. I stormed up the plot a long time ago while watching the move "My 11th Mother",
and someone else was suppose was to have the main character role COUGHL.JOECOUGH, but i wasn't sure about it then.
I hope you enjoy! ^^

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nadhyuns () says about chapter 34:
aaaaah it's good story! i liked how the way you wrote this fanfic, especially your small coversation XD it's make me giggles all the time, keep writing author! ^^

Hidmhwpz () says about chapter 34:
what is byeontae actually? hehe btw i love your story.. and those small conversation too ^^ you did a great job author-nim! hwaiting!

niellas () says about chapter 34:
wooow love it ... do a sequel pweaseee T.T

babyblackjack () says about chapter 34:
Omfg the end is so fluffy lol XD I loved the small convos at the end of each chapter. Good job author-nim!

djeniryuu () says about chapter 34:
Ahh great story authornim! I love the small conversations too lol

Dorkalicious-geek () says about chapter 33:
Ah lol pyeontae!! I am a pyeontae too!

assiyyah94 () says about chapter 34:
Finished it!! Loved it! ^_^

Elf_lover () says about chapter 34:
your one of the best authors!!! another awesome and great fic! love it! ^^ <3

exoshikari () says about chapter 34:
Awww ~ The ending is NICE ! *thumps up*
I like like like like it :)

PrincessKitty () says about chapter 34:
I love the conversation

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