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Madame Hee Hee's House of Desires (Extras)


Extra bonus chapters written for Madame Hee Hee's.


This is where all the side chapters, such as flash-backs and minor storylines are housed.


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ardzia #1
Chapter 2: sweet story...hope it will continue...
purpleungu #2
Chapter 2: Late reader here...love reading it...
fxxkits #3
I LOVE THIS!!! Please update soon! :D
Mintyfork #4
Awww Taeminnie...
But damn! I love Heechul ^_^
Can't wait to read more~ <3
shadowkazaki #5
Poor Taeminnie.
matsu-hyung #6
oh so this is what was in the madame hee hee chapter~ i guess there isn't much extra yet since it was posted there too hehe. ^_^
TheGreatRinnim #7
Gah it's great so far
vernese #8
Oh, that's the reason why he refuse.. Very nice. <33
beastlover24 #9
That was good. I love the side story. Keep it up and can't wait for an update...