SM-5: The Game of Blue Bloods

by candylaura
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SNSD, EXO, Super Junior, f(x), SHINee, TVXQ and the rest of SMTown


the game of blue bloods




Title: SM-5: The Game of Blue Bloods

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Business, Friendship, Romance

Ratings: All ages


The deepest pit of hell is reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

Dante Alighieri


  2013. Seoul is ruled by its capitalist government and prominent high society; beneath their tyranny, the citizens are subjected to living at the mercy of the rich. A part of their golden façade, the Seoul Metropolitan Police engages detective Shim Changmin to head a task force to combat the high-profile cases occurring throughout Seoul. The strategically-assembled team consists of the shrewd profiler Victoria Song, the genius mathematics professor Cho Kyuhyun, the adroit hacker Im Yoona and the slick investigator Choi Minho.

  However, the team soon discover themselves in a blazing inferno of staggering deceit, grotesque murders and scheming aristocrats--- Will they expose the crimes of the aristocrats and stabilize justice in their tattered city? Will they become pawns on the chessboard, or will they crack the game against the blue bloods?


the game of blue bloods




the team leader

Name: Changmin

Real name: Shim Changmin

Age: 30

Sibling(s): None

Area(s) of expertise: Combat; On-scene investigations



the profiler

Name: Victoria

Real name: Song Qian

Age: 32

Sibling(s): None

Area(s) of expertise: General profiling; Psychology - mainly behavioral, cognitive, functional and criminal psychology



the researcher

Name: Kyuhyun

Real name: Cho Kyuhyun

Age: 32

Sibling(s): None

Area(s) of expertise: Data (mainly I.T.) research and analysis; Applied and pure mathematics


the on-scene investigator

Name: Minho

Real name: Choi Minho

Age: 28

Sibling(s): Choi Siwon

Area(s) of expertise: On-scene investigations; Networking; Forensic pathology


the hacker

Name: Yoona

Real name: Im Yoona

Age: 27

Sibling(s): None

Area(s) of expertise: Data research and analysis; Hacking; Information and technology; Computer Engineering




the game of blue bloods



  1. Paradise – Infinite
  2. Catch Me – TVXQ
  3. Baby Don’t Cry – EXO
  4. Introduction To Love – Baek Ah Yeon
  5. Quasimodo – SHINee
  6. Calling Out – f(x)’s Luna & Krystal
  7. Red Bean – Lee Haeri
  8. The First Time In The First Place – Lee Boram
  9. That One Person, You – SNSD’s Jessica
  10. Balbam Balbam – Hong Kwang Ho
  11. Windflower – Ye Song
  12. Give My Love – Edward Chun



the game of blue bloods

author's notes


  Hello dear readers. After much wandering, I've finally returned to square one (almost like an alma mater), the original SM-5: Changmin, Victoria, Kyuhyun, Minho and Yoona. Well, since a reason is mandatory, basically why I have decided to go back to writing them is not because I want to leech off their old popularity, neither is it because I have a problem with the new SM-90 I had come up with. Sometimes, it's when writing and trying out new things that you discover you liked writing your original stuff more. The bond I developed whilst writing SM-5 is something I've remembered all the way until now, and it is, undoubtedly, my comfort zone. So, beyond the current trends and what I had perceived to be my OTPs, I'm back to write the MinYoonChangKyuToria mysteries for myself, and also as practice for a potential future novel.

  I suppose you do have your questions, mainly being - What is the difference between this and the old TPM? I'll divide my answer to a few tiers.

  Firstly, the characters. Yes, the original SM-5 are back, but I'm modifying their personalities a lot. I realized a lot of TPM was just me making random constructs of their characters and if I did continue TPM, it would have an unrealistic character progression. Though all characters are supposed to have their unrealistic elements, I do want to make their character development seem real, more than a random dramatic personality. Furthermore, I've made a bold decision for this story, and this is that I will not be following the idols' real life personalities and will be writing their personalities based entirely on my imaginations. That means I'll be making the characters original, entirely what I perceive they should be. It might differ from your perceptions of them, but I think that's the whole point of having a story - for a reader to begin the first page without any preconceived notions of what the characters should and should not be like.

  Secondly, the format and descriptions. I understand that the old TPM was based a lot off dialogue, but I will try to have a combination of both dialogue and monologues in this. I will try to be descriptive, but I am trying to fashion my descriptions in such a way that there will be many ways you can sort of understand it, and it will not be too terribly profound. Also, there is a certain quality of this story you will feel when you read it, and you'll know how it differs completely from TPM.

  Thirdly, the relationships. I'm going to be honest and tell you straight from the get-go that the main pairings (or at least the division of the SM-5 romantically) is pretty obvious. However, this does not mean that there will not be romantic entanglement within and beyond the SM-5. Keep in mind that the main pairings (or rather, triangles) might or might not be the pairings at the end. More than the end-game pairings, I want to develop more realistic yet passionate romances between my characters. Also, beyond romantic relationships, there will be quite a few platonic and familial relationships that will be portrayed along the way.

  Alright, since we're done with that clarification, let's move on the other things to take note.

1. There is no fixed number of cases. I'm hovering between 4 or 5, but the final decision will still depend on the flow of the plot as I write it. Cases may have been planned, but I've learnt that there's a vast difference between planning and writing, so I will wait for me to finish cases before I decide to put in another case. So, I will only list the characters in the new case after the past case has been concluded. Do take note, however, that the end of one case may not be an 'official end'. The beauty of this story is that all cases are somehow interlinked for the final conclusion.

2. As much as the SM-5 are your main characters, there are many other major characters that will appear along the way. The reason why I have decided not to list them down specifically as major and minor characters is because I don't want you to know from the get-go that hey, these people are behind the whole set-up, so they're the villains. I think that the major and minor characters will be distinct as the episodes pass, so please do begin reading with an open mind.

3. All characters, except the SM-5, will be addressed by their real names. As for the SM-5, the issue is Victoria, whose real name is Song Qian. But yes, I will refer to her as Victoria. As for the other characters, they will be referred to by their real names, e.g. D.O, he will be referred to as Do Kyungsoo, or rather, just Kyungsoo. HOWEVER, there are certain exceptions that I will state here: Eunji's real name is Jung Hyerim, but for convenience's sake, she'll just be Jung Eunji. Since there are TWO Kim Kibums in SMTown, Key will be referred to as Key Kim.

4. I will try to update this once a week. My schedule now is pretty hectic but I still want to write on a regular basis, so I will try to stick to the once a week thing. However, do not pester me too much to update - it doesn't make the updating process any quicker.

5. This story will not be clean or whimsical or pretty. There will be many bold new notions that you might/might not accept, but once again, I have to reiterate - please do read it with an open mind.

6. Do not expect a happy/tragic ending because life itself never has an ending that can be placed into one particular category.

7. Credits to LiveJournal (aoza, seetwopm and several others) for the icons. The main poster is self-created so don't come claiming that it's yours.

8. Before I end, let's just add a disclaimer: I do not own any of the idols. Character personalities and plot are entirely developed by me. This story does not aim to offend any organizations and I apologize in advance if it somehow does; it is entirely a work of fiction. Do not copy/plagiarize because I will search you out and ensure that you have a fitting retribution for copying my hard work.

9. Also, the quote at the forewords is self-written, not taken from any other author/poet/screen-writer.

10. AND OH YES I ALMOST FORGOT: The prologue is set one year after the beginning of the story. I understand that prologue pretty much means a sort of introduction, but I think that the flashback feel is good.

11. If you have any queries, comment/wall-post/PM me, or contact me on Twitter @thecandyce. Alternatively, you can post your anonymous queries on my at And for Instagram, you can read me at

  Right, well, since we're done with that, I'd also like to thank all you readers who have been sticking by me from the beginning up until now. I'm extremely grateful for all your kindness towards me. Simply put, without you, there is no me.

So, are we ready to begin the game?



the game of blue bloods

case files; episodes guide


case file #01: episode 01 - episode ???

Park Chanyeol, Oh Sehun, Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, Choi Jinri, Lee Taemin, Son Naeun, Jung Soojung, Kim Joonmyun, Jung Eunji, Key Kim



the game of blue bloods



This is the true nature of revenge - an endless cycle of victims morphing into villains in pursuit of unjustified justice.



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