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The Game of Blue Bloods


Title: The Game of Blue Bloods

Genre: Mystery, Friendship, Family, Romance

Ratings: All ages


The deepest pit of hell is reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

- Dante Alighieri, Inferno


  2014. The capital of South Korea, Seoul, is portrayed to be a halcyon, prosperous, economic hub at the forefront of the urbanizing Korean Peninsula.  On the contrary, beneath its glittery façade, the citizens of Seoul are subject to the tyranny of its capitalist government and domineering high society.

  As a wave of brutal crimes threaten to disrupt the aristocratic regime, a task force is formed within the Seoul Metropolitan Police is created to ensure Seoul rests within the fists of the aristocrats. The newly constructed task force, consisting of the perceptive Psychology professor Song Joongki, the stoic medical researcher Lee Soohyuk, the enigmatic I.T. genius and hacker Lee Jongsuk, the dexterous forensic pathologist Baek Jinhee, the new but adept prosecutor investigator Kim Woobin, is led by the seasoned, veteran detective Kim Soohyun to crack the cases.

  However, the team soon discover themselves in a blazing inferno of staggering deceit, grotesque murders and scheming aristocrats--- Will they be able to withstand the battle and stabilize justice in their tattered city? Will they become pawns on the chessboard, or will they crack the game against the blue bloods?


the detectives


Name: Soohyun

Real name: Kim Soohyun

Age: 28

Family background: Father – Minister of Justice, Kim Sangjoong; Younger brother – Kim Woobin

Education: Seoul National University – Bachelor of Law; Seoul Police Academy

Areas of expertise: Law; Combat, On-scene investigation, Data and research analysis




Name: Jinhee

Real name: Baek Jinhee

Age: 25

Family background: Father – President of the Taeja Group, ex-Finance, Baek Geunhyung; Elder brother - Song Jaerim; Elder brother - Ahn Jaehyun (deceased)

Education: Harvard University – Doctor of Medicine; Harvard University – Bachelor of Pathology

Areas of expertise: Medicine; General biology; General pathology; Forensic Pathology




Name: Jongsuk

Real name: Lee Jongsuk

Age: 26

Family background: Unrecorded

Education: Konkuk University – Bachelor of Computing Science

Areas of expertise: Computing Science; Computer Engineering; Data and research analysis; Hacking; Information and Technology




Name: Woobin

Real name: Kim Woobin

Age: 26

Family background: Father – Head Prosecutor, Kim Sangjoong; Elder brother – Kim Soohyun

Education: Seoul National University - Bachelor of Law

Areas of expertise: Law; Data and research collection and analysis; On-scene investigation




Name: Soohyuk

Real name: Lee Soohyuk


Family background: Father – Lee Hobin, Superindendent of Police; mother – Yoon Yoosun

Education:Seoul Police Academy; Imperial College – Doctor of Medicine

Areas of expertise: Medicine; Medical research; General biology; General pathology




Name: Joongki

Real name: Song Joongki

Age: 32

Family Background: Father – Current  President of the Wonsang Group, Song Donggun; Mother – Jeon Misun; elder sister – Song Jihyo (deceased)

Education: University of Washington - Psychology; Sunkyunkwan University – Doctor of Psychology

Areas of expertise: General psychology – behavioral, cognitive, functional and criminal psychology


the supporting characters


Park Kiwoong.




Song Jaerim.




Ahn Jaehyun.



Han Chaeah.



Kim Jiwon.



Song Jihyo.



Joo Won.




Jin Seyeon.



Sung Joon.



Kim Youngkwang.



President Jo Minki



First Lady Jung Hyeyoung.



Baek Geunhyung - Jinhee's father.



Kim Sangjoong - Soohyun and Woobin's father.



Lee Hobin - Soohyuk's father.



Yoon Yoosun - Soohyuk's mother.



Song Donggun - Joongki's father.



Jeon Misun - Joongki's mother.


the cases


case #01: u t i l i t y

Zhang Yixing. Lee Taemin. Son Naeun. Byun Baekhyun. Jung Soojung/Krystal. Kim Joonmyun/Suho. Do Kyungsoo/D.O. Kim Jongin/Kai. Choi Jinri/Sulli. Park Chanyeol. Kwon Yuri. Choi Minho. Kim Keybum/Key. Jung Eunji. Park Sooyoung/Joy.


case #02: c o m m o d i t y

Lee Jiyeon. Kwon Boa. Jung Yunho. Go Ara. Kim Kibum. Kim Junsu. Zhang Liyin. Park Yoochun. Jin Bora. Kim Jaejoong. Lee Yeonhee. Shim Changmin. Hong Sungmi.


case #03: w o r s h i p e r

Kim Jongwoon. Seo Joohyun. Kim Jonghyun. Jung Sooyeon. Lee Donghae. Choi Sooyoung. Choi Siwon. Hwang Miyoung. Lee Hyukjae. Kim Hyoyeon. Lee Soonkyu. Lee Jinki. Kim Taeyeon. Park Jungsoo. Byun Baehyun.


case #04: s c a p e g o a t

Wu Yifan. Song Qian. Huang Zitao. Cho Kyuhyun. Zhou Mi. Han Geng. Kim Minseok. Lu Han. Zhang Yixing. Im Yoona. Oh Sehun. Kang Seulgi. Kim Ryeowook. Park Sunyoung. Kim Jongdae. Son Seunghwan.


the tracklist


  1. Goodbye Day – Ulala Session
  2. Wish – K.Will
  3. Windflower – Ye Song
  4. Back in Time – Lyn
  5. Words I Have Yet To Say – ChoA
  6. Rain of Blades – Kyuhyun


the author's note


Dear readers,

Sorry to keep you waiting, but yes, finally I'm back with a solid mystery fiction. I took the time to list out all the cases because I have planned each and every one of them already. Now, all that's left is to write them. The characters are original, the plot is original, and everything has been planned to detail because i'm pretty determined to get this one right. Do check out the soundtrack as well. I picked songs with lyrics that would match the plot itself.

Some of you must be pretty boggled about the actors and actresses used. Well, I thought they would suit the characters I thought of best, so I picked them. Furthermore, it's more flexible to use personas who don't exactly have a fixed image in one's mind. As for the main pairings, there are five guys and I don't intend for the majority to fall for Jinhee. This is not a harem story. There are other girls in the story for a reason. But for now, I will keep the final pairings a secret.

Warning: If you read TPM and expected something just as light-hearted, this is not for you. This story is much darker, much more frustrating and (hopefully) much closer to reality. The main genres might be mystery, friendship and all the routine stuff, but I think the main thing this story will capitalize on is the idea of change. I'd like to expound, but I guess it would become clearer as the story progresses.

P.S. Everyone will be referred to by their real names, e.g. Luna will be Park Sunyoung. This is all with the exception of the first case, where Kim Kibum/Key will be referred to as Key due to him having the same name as SuJu's Kim Kibum, and Park Sooyoung/Joy will be referred to as Joy, because her name similar to SNSD's Choi Sooyoung.

Well, that's it for now. If you have any queries, feel free to comment/wall-post/PM me, or reach me on Twitter @thecandyce or my ask.fm at ask.fm/thecandyce, or my instagram @laurahokijanto. Hope you all will enjoy this story!

- laura






War does not determine who is right - only who is left.

- Bertrand Russell




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RachelBunny #1
Chapter 2: I'm actually attempting (for the umpteenth time) to write a fic about jongsuk and jinhee too. they're quite adorable as a couple, and your stories completely got me into them. ^^

But hwaiting on all of your fics! Thank you for your comeback with "My Better Half"! ^^
CorinneluvSnsd4ever9 #2
Chapter 2: Oh yes!!!! Jongsuk and jinhee!!!!!!!
elfishy2002 #3
Chapter 1: Nah... I don't know exactly why but I ended up choosing Jongsuk in the end. I don't know, seriously. But... Maybe I do think that Jongsuk's first appearance leave a pretty deep first impression... You know, something like, he just get the right taste of mystery. And I think it'll be nice if Soohyuk has a profiler partner. With that said, I will have to choose between Jongsuk and Woobin... But Woobin also isn't a bad option, really. But anyways, Author-nim, don't push yourself too much to update, really. I'm fine if you decided to do slow updates or something... Well, that's me, tho. I don't know about the others. Everyone have their own opinions, anyways. Stay healthy, Author-nim! >v<
PetiteLituanien #4
Chapter 1:  Jongsuk would be my choice. I always anticipate his appearance. He really gives the feeling of mystery to the story
blackyana #5
Chapter 1: I voted for lee jongsuk because he really surprises me every time he acts in a new drama with a completly new character and he just does it so well xD i really enjoy his acting and i can totally imagine him playing that role (i just have so much faith in his acting). So yeah, i would love it if he became the main character of a SO well-written fic;-; u are awesome seriously (dies from jelousy) xD i learn a lot reading ur fics cause english is my third language and i need to improve a lot hihihi so thank u for beeing here and for sharing these awesome stories with us! Really, thank u so much^-^ /0/*sends virtual hug* FIGHTING!!
FireRose800 #6
Chapter 1: good luck with this story! im looking forward to it :)
RachelBunny #7
Nice update! I've been waiting.

I'm also working on a mystery fic at the moment. You are the inspiration of my imagination, Laura.

Hwaiting! I'm positive that all your fics will be great.
pallo26 #8
I like this story *-* i hope you update soon ...please
Jang_Hye_Shin #9
Chapter 1: Haven't been here for a while. I missed good stories. I love this story, author-nim! You'll be famous one day, I'm sure of that.
elfishy2002 #10
Oh? You also write one for your mom? Wuah... That's cool! Is it a one-shot, short one, or a pretty long one? I hope that you're doing a good job with that... Sorry for not replying this sooner... But I've a difficulties on visiting this site as often as before, thus making me try to keep up fast every time I log in, now...

Nah. There I go with my babble again. Anyways, I hope that both you and your mom's condition are good... Waiting news for her health on your next update... Sleep tight, have a nice dream, and keep being healthy, all of you! >v<