Loveless Marraige

A/N Just really wanted to write this part. Warning: It's about to get really cheesy/romantic up in here!

After Taemin cried until his eyes hurt he took a shower and threw on some loose clothing. He should'nt have run home because everything smelled like the so called 'love' he and Minho made just yesterday, and made him want to cry again. He looked out the window to see if Minho was still there and was surprised that he actually was. The snowing  was covering his shoes as well as his shoulders and hair, but he did'nt even shiver. Taemin shut the curtain before Minho could spot him and watched TV.


3 Hours Later~

Taemin got curious and looked out the window once again to see if Minho was still there. His jaw dropped when he saw the man still standing there with a determined look in his eyes. Taemin heart started to clench and he shut the curtains again.

"Cheating ." He muttered to himself as he went to get something to eat from the fridge. He tried hard not to remember what he saw happen just a few hours ago, but he could'nt get the image out of his head. Taemin ran back to the bedroom and cried into his pillow again.

"Hyung you stupid, stupid bastard! Why do I still love you!?"  Taemin could'nt deny that even after seeing Minho about to recieve a from someone else his heart still completely belonged to him, and that not even Onew could take him away from him. His mind started to wander to when they had their first kiss. It was so sweet, and innocent. He never thought that Minho would ever do this to him.

"Why did I sleep with you so many times?" He asked himself. Maybe he did put out to soon. But it did'nt feel wrong to give himself to him. Maybe Minho was'nt even a like he said. He looked out the window and Minho was still there. Maybe it was his competitiveness maybe it was his love for Taemin that kept him there, but Minho promised that he was'nt going to move from that spot even if he would be out there for days. Sure his feet hurt, and he was hungry, but he did'nt care. He was glued to that spot in fron of the the front door until Taemin let him him.


1 Hour Later~

Taemin look outside and saw that Minho was still there. He was finally shivering a little, but he was still there. Taemin felt so sad for him he was actually thinking of listening to what he had to say, but when that image would pop back into his head he thought otherwise, but seeing Minho freezing to death out there because of him hurt more. It was pitch black outside and the streets were empty.

'He must be starving..and thirsty too.' He thought as he kept watching Minho with sad eyes and tight chest. He knew he would cry if he kept looking at him and quickly shut the curtain.



Taemin could'nt sleep knowing that Minho was most likely still outside freezing on his doorstep. Or Maybe he had finally decided to leave since it was late.

"Taeminnie...please let me explain." He heard his faint, weak voice through the door. He could'nt believe it. He was still there.

'Hyung, you're tired are'nt you?' He thought as his eyes brimmed with tears. Just for the hell of it he went to the window and Minho was still there, but shivering violently. He finally broke down and let his tears fall. He so desperately did'nt want to forgive him, but after such a loving gesture he could'nt stay mad, and quickly walked to the front door. All he wanted to do was hold him probably freezing body, and warm him up intimately. Minho jumped a little when the front door flung wide open. Before he could say anything to the crying boy infront of him he was quickly pulled into the warmth of their home, and kissed passionately. He groaned when his icy lips met Taemin's soft, warm ones. Taemin gasped for air when he finally pulled away and held Minho's face in his hands.

"Taeminnie,..let me explain." Taemin nodded, but hushed him.

"Let me make you feel nice and hot, then you can tell me everything." Taemin whispered as he helped him take off his shoes and socks, then his suit jacket, and led him to the bedroom. He laid Minho down on the bed, and climbed onto his lap. When he felt his hands slide under his shirt Taemin yelped from how cold they felt.

"Sorry." Minho said and pulled his hands away, but Taemin kept them in place.

"Don't. I'm here to make you feel nice, and hot remember?" Taemin smiled and  leaned in to kiss him again. Minho's lips felt like ice against Taemin's, but he intended on fixing that. He poked Minho's bottom lip with his hot tounge and they immediantly opened, craving more of the heat. Taemin shivered a little as Minho's hands went up and down his curves, but he did his best not to let it show. He started grinding his against the buldge in his and ed.

"Taeminnie~" Minho ed.

"Taeminnie's going to take good care of you hyung." Taemin smiled as he unbuttoned his shirt then threw off his own and hugged him tightly, trying to give him some of his body heat before trailing his tounge around one of his s and flicking it with his tounge.

"Oh ~" Minho rasped. Taemin's tounge left the erect nub and went lower until it met the buldge in Minho's pants.  He let his throbbing out and d slowly.

"No wonder you're so cold when all of your blood is flowing down here." Taemin chuckled seductively when it twitched. His poked the tip making Minho gasp. He decided that he was pleased with his reaction and took in a few inches.

"Mmmm~" Taemin tounge swirled around the entire length before wrapping around the tip and squeezing it gently.

"Oh yes~" Minho groaned. Taemin reached under the mattress and got out a bottle of lube. He squirted some on his fingers and himself making him louder, and the vibration in his throat more intense for Minho.

"Ah!Ah!" Taemin brought his lowered when he felt Minho start to .

"Minho hyung, I don't think I've ever ridden you before." Taemin smiled after he swallowed.

"What's that?" He panted.

"Let me show you." Taemin sat up right on his lap, and angled Minho better before  lowering himself.

"Aaaaaahh~" Minho threw his head back and groaned. Taemin kept moving up and down, and arched his back when he found his sweet spot.

"Oh God!~" He screamed.


"D-Do you feel..good hyung?" Taemin asked even though he knew the answer. Minho quickly nodded.

"You should...ride me m-more often..oh shot I'm gonna ~" Taemin flexed his walls around him, urging him to release inside him.

"Oh damn...Oooooohh Taemin-ah!~"

"Hyung!~" Taemin gasped. White ropes left before he collapsed on Minho's chest. To his surprise he was'nt tired at all. Taemin really wanted to hear what Minho had to say.

"Hyung, I'm listening." Taemin panted. Minho looked at Taemin before taking a breathing and explaining how Kai became so desperate to keep his job that he even resorted to prosituting himself. Taemin felt stupid for not listening.

"Minho hyung-"

"You don't have to say Taemin, I know." Minho smiled and kissed the top of his head before tangling their legs together and falling asleep.  ..


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Ronak2min #1
Chapter 53: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................these two!at first I was really sad for minho but he was a jerk himself and couldn't tell tae his feeling!............but I've really liked this!(^ 3 ^)
JojoCircus_ #2
Chapter 53: I love how my comment from when I last read is still there. Lol anway again I'm reading this is it was still just as good as the first time written. :)
JojoCircus_ #3
Chapter 53: This was really good. :) from begining to end this was really amazing :)
ShaSha #4
Chapter 53: AMAZING <3 <3 Loved every bit of it >_< kyaaaa it's ridiculous how much i ship 2min xD
sweetcookie #5
Chapter 53: finally read now
sweetcookie #6
i wanna read soon
still read others now ekekekek
just wanna say thank you for this story
It's awesome
Juliette07 #8
Chapter 53: OMG IT'S END ALREADY ;AAA; whyyyyyyy????
I love this so much! ;A;
ilovekorea #10
Chapter 53: the end~~
i love this~