Loveless Marraige

Taemin woke up the next morning totally excited. We would finally be out of the house for the first time in a while and he was going to savor the fresh air of the outdoors. He looked over at his knight in shining armor and kissed him awake. Minho looked at Taemin and quickly straddled.

"Good morning Baby." He smiled before giving his neck wet kisses. Although they felt nice Taemin did'nt want to be late even though Minho was his boss.

"Hyung we can't do this now. Remember work? Today's my first day, and you still have to fire your assistant." Taemin reminded. Minho stopped kissing him and sighed. He had never fired anyone before, and knew that this was going to be hard to do.

"Alright." He said in a serious tone before  climbing off of him and going to the bathroom to get ready.


At Work~

Minho sat in his offoce for about an hour trying to figure out how he would break things to his assistant. He told Taemin to help out SeoHyun until he got rid of his assistant, but was starting to wonder if he would even do you. Finally he sighed and decided to just get it over with. He picked up his office phine and pressed a number.

"Kai could you come in here for a moment?" He said with a heavy heart. In came his assistant Kai. He was always a happy guy, and very popular with the ladies in the building. He came into the room with a smile on his face, but it was'nt his usual cocky one. It was small and scared.

"Neh Minho-sshi?" Minho could tell he knew what was coming so he decided to make things quick and painless.

"Kai, I'm sorry but you're fired." Kai's eyes widend in shock.

"Minho please...I need this job! You can't do this to me!" He yelled as he approached Minho behind his desk. Minho pushed out his chair to stand, but the look in Kai's eyes kind of freaked him out so he remained seated.

"Kai, you've been screwing up since your first day! What did you expect to happen?" Minho said with stern eyes. Kai dropped to his knees.

"Please Minho...please this job is the only money that I make." the pay at SM was actually pretty high so that was'nt much of a sob story. He could pay all of his bills this week and still have enough left over to party like a rockstar.

"I'll be sure to put in a little extra in your final pay check." He sighed. Suddenly he felt hands grab at his crotch. Minho looked between his legs and then at Kai who was looking at him with pleading eyes.

"Hyung....I'll do anything to keep this job.." He said with teary eyes as he started to unzip his pants.

"Kai. Get. Up. Now." Minho growled, but Kai ignored him.

"I can make you feel good Minho hyung...Just please let me keep my job." He mumbled.

"Kai! Stop it and get out!" Minho shouted, giving him a finally warning before he called security.

"I'll even swallow all of your .."

"Minho hyung, have y-" Minho's eyes darted to the now wide open doorway, and looked at Taemin's horrified expression. He watched as tears spilled over the corners of his eyes, and his hands covered his gaping mouth. He would've moved if it was'nt for Kai's hand down his hands.

"Taemin wait!" He shouted, and stood as he saw the devastated boy run away. He looked down at Kai who was still looking where Taemin use to be standing.

"You disgust me.Get out of my sight." He growled. Kai pulled his hands out of his pants while Minho ran after Taemin. It was the middle of winter and snowing heavily outside, but Minho still ran out of the building without his jacket anyways. When he was outside he spotted the blonde boy running home without looking back and followed him while screaming his name.

"Choi Minho, you cheating bastard! You promised that you would'nt hurt me like Onew-sshi did! You lied!" Taemin cried out when he heard Minho's screams.

"Taemin let me explain!" Minho shouted back.

"Shut up!" He cried as he slammed the door to their home shut and locked all of the entrances. Minho pouned on the door and grunted.

"I'm not leaving until you let me explain!" He yelled through the door. Taemin ran up to the bedroom and plopped himself down on the bed as he cried his heart out while Minho froze outside



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Ronak2min #1
Chapter 53: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................these two!at first I was really sad for minho but he was a jerk himself and couldn't tell tae his feeling!............but I've really liked this!(^ 3 ^)
JojoCircus_ #2
Chapter 53: I love how my comment from when I last read is still there. Lol anway again I'm reading this is it was still just as good as the first time written. :)
JojoCircus_ #3
Chapter 53: This was really good. :) from begining to end this was really amazing :)
ShaSha #4
Chapter 53: AMAZING <3 <3 Loved every bit of it >_< kyaaaa it's ridiculous how much i ship 2min xD
sweetcookie #5
Chapter 53: finally read now
sweetcookie #6
i wanna read soon
still read others now ekekekek
just wanna say thank you for this story
It's awesome
Juliette07 #8
Chapter 53: OMG IT'S END ALREADY ;AAA; whyyyyyyy????
I love this so much! ;A;
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Chapter 53: the end~~
i love this~