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And I should let you guys have my update xD Here it goes:

I opened my eyes, blank few times, because I wasn't used to the sunlight, I saw the white ceiling, obviously, I was in a hospital, I've seen enough dramas to predict. (KYUNG THE DRAMA HOE XD)  Let's recall what happened... I WIDENED MY EYES, OMFG, SO I'M STILL ALIVE?! WHERE'S HYEWON?! I got up, phew, she was sleeping on the couch there. (DUUH, I'LL NEVER LET HER DIE!!)  I stood up, carried her with my arms to the bed, then l lied next to her. We were only 5cm apart, I was facing her. I couldn't resist anymore, I looked at her lips, they were teasing, aishh, I couldn't support anymore, and stole her a kiss.(WTF? NOT EXCITING ENOUGH, I NEED A SCENE THAT'LL MAKE ME FANGIRL, NOT JUST I STOLE HER A KISS AND THAT'S ALL E-E' I'M SUCH POOR AT EXPRIMING MYSELF D;)  I don't know if it was me or she smiled, I just thought too much, didn't I...? 
I sighed but I sweetly smiled, because she fell in love with me, well Park Myungyeol (AS AN INSPIRIT, I SHIP THE MYUNGYEOL, OKAY SERIOUSLY, I COULDN'T STOP FROM SMILING WHEN I WROTE THIS XD) , my online life... We always would cam, every time, I hid my face, so yeah she never knew that Myungyeol lover was actually her best friend Kyung. Such a stupid one, I flicked on her forehead.(STUPID KYUNG, WHY DON'T YOU CONFESS? E-E'?) I've seen a lot of pretty girls in my life, even tho' she's not the prettiest, she's the only one that stole my heart. (AWWWN <3 :'DD) I held her hands, closed my eyes, and started dreaming.
I dreamnt about us, married(CUTEEE <3) , she was making breakfast while I was hugging her from the back,(Yeah, I used KMSIMH?!'s part.. IT WAS JUST TOO SWEET WHEN I READ IT <3) we had a deep kiss, but then a guy , whom the face seemed familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, he stole Hyewon away from me. I kneeled down on the floor and started crying.
-Kyung! Hyewon shouted
I woke up, sweating.
-So, afterall, it was a dream, I whispered
-A nightmare? What was it about? Hyewon seemed worried.
-Errrr... It-was-about us..m-married.. then-a-dude-came..and-stole-you-away.. from-me... I mumbled so that she wouldn't hear.
-What? You got caught that you got transformed into a girl? She joked Joke! Speak properly! She sticked her tongue out. 
-NOOO. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! I dreamnt.. errm.. that.. you killed me!! I lied.
-OH, by the way, did you woke up before having this nightmare..? She started blushing.
LOL, I BET SHE'S THINKING ABOUT WHY SHE WAS BESIDE ME AND WHY WE WERE HOLDING OUR HANDS! If she wasn't here, I would have chuckled, but I didn't want to expose, so I lied again and said:
-No, why? I acted innocently
-Oh... I was just wondering why you seemed fine even though you woke up, and discover that you're in a hospital... She quickly said.
-Oh...That... Wait, was it true about your online boyfriend? I tried to change the subject.
-Well... Yeah... But I'm starting to forget about him, he wasn't really important... I'm sure that he won't come back , maybe he even died! She fakely smiled. (WHAAT?! NOO. DON'T. FORGET. ABOUT. HIM!!! ;OO NOO WTF?!!! NOOO HE'S INFRONT OF YOUU!!! STOP SAYING THINGS YOU DON'T MEAN!!!!!!!!! )
I could see tears in her eyes. She did her best to not cry, but no, she couldn't support it anymore, she started crying. I went beside her, hugged her, she was crying on my shoulders. I had tears too, fortunately she didn't notice, I really wanted to shout : 'HYEWON! I'M MYUNGYEOL!!' , but I couldn't, I didn't have the courage to confess. I didn't want her to love me as Myungyeol, but as Kyung. I told myself that I'll steal her heart as Kyung!  (OMG. NOOO!! STUPID. KYUNG. Myungyeol.. xD.. YESH, ANYWAY STEAL HER HEART AGAIN <3) 


Everything was going well until, we got told to go in different schools. We lived so far away that we couldn't see each other, for 5 years already... Again, the same scene's happening, I'm facing her, both of us sharing the same bed. (DON'T THINK DIRTY.. XD) I examined her pretty face, hahah, she did became skinnier... She wasn't even chubby when she was young, I seriously wonder why we all called her chubby... I caressed her hair, soft, it has a scent of strawberry, I wonder if it's the same brand as the one I gave her.  I approached my lips to hers,closed my eyes, and kissed on her lips. (Kyung such a thief hahah xD) The next second, I felt pushed away. WTF?! I opened up my eyes, Hyewon had her eyes widened, while blushing, she was cute, but she'll surely rage...
-... I couldn't help myself, but say it out.

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Dryopencloud #1
Chapter 18: Ay ljoe gonna get them together.
I will wait for the now woots woots~
Dryopencloud #2
Chapter 12: ohmy. I got a shocked reading my name at author's note xD
but y'know I don't know if I subscribe this -_-
My phone say I didn't though, I guess I press too many times LOL.

It took a while to read till this chapter hehe~~~
Shall cont. reading and comment on latest updated chapter :D

Hwaiting Author!!
HyukRen #3
Chapter 15: Woohoo an update.!!
eh I'm confused by the sudden appearance of Myungsoo * failed readers* haha~
Whoaa this story will be end soon?? *well I'm not complaining, just asking* LOL
Update soon author-nim <333
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YaY an update.! \(^o^)/
whoaaaa this is war.! >___<
Kyuuuung~~ i like kyuuung xDD
Update soon <333
HyukRen #5
owh I thought it's an update, I've been waiting for your update :(
But! It's ok author-nim, school more important right?! Fighting.! ^o^
Update soon author-nim <333
Omg! So, l.joe has a crunch on her!!! Omg!!!!
doreenii_21 #7
update soon!! :D
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Haha. B2ST & L! ^^