The Leader's Choice


Something seemed to spark between them when they collaborated on her song - or at least that's what he thought. In truth, Jieun never gave a damn about him, but she did love the attention she was getting. So she humored him for a while to ease her boredom. While she played her little game, Daehyun watched from afar, heartbroken because he loved his hyung. But he couldn't do anything about it, knowing that Yongguk truly loved her. And he also knew that he would never love him back. So, when given the chance, will Daehyun be able to make Yongguk fall in love with him, or will a love square emerge?


He loved her first, and she knew it. Though she didn't love him in that sense, she loved the fact that she had him wrapped around her finger. Selfish? Quite. But that was Song Jieun's nature.


He'd always admired his leader from afar, but was afraid to say anything. He knew how he felt about her, so he suffered in silence. But because he was so nice to him, he couldn't settle his feelings. Daehyun couldn't help how he felt.


He knew how he felt about him but never gave it much thought. "It's just a stupid crush," he'd think, trying to convince himself. He tried to love him, he really did. But he could never forget her. That was Yongguk's problem.


He loved him, who loved someone else. It hurt, but he liked the pain. All he wanted was for him to be happy. He was younger, but he wanted to protect him - to take care of him. He would never forgive their leader if he ever made him cry. Jongup would always be on Daehyun's side.







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anhiez_BangDae #2
Chapter 8: is this story still continue? oh my gukie.. i like this story... i like uppie here...
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i'm in dilema...
bubbleteaXD #3
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Chapter 8: Everyone would love to see Daehyun with Jongup, I swear. They deserve a happy ending together >_<
darkblood #5
Chapter 8: I really hope dae will end up with jongup eventhough i love bangdae to the max ugh jongup deserved to be loved too he's too caring towards dae
Anillia #6
Chapter 8: Okay I can be demanding more please and soon like now yesterday please :D

Does that count as demanding or begging
Baravois #7
...totally begging for Dae to just end up with Jongup in this story >.<"
Both of them deserve happiness
bdz357998 #8
Chapter 8: What happened to daehyun?? Argh I just want to hit yongguk and jieun once and jongup come on please confess soon T.T please update soon! !
mothbunny #9
Chapter 8: *_* You updated! What happened to Dae? >.< Ugh. I'm so done with this Yongguk and his weak self. Why can't Dae like Jonguppie instead? T-T
Maknaelover88 #10
Chapter 8: Jesus what happened to Dae?! Why is he so beaten up? I seriously want to punch Jieun (though I really like her in real life here she is just a BangDae cockblock) and Jonguppie, I mean I really want Yongguk and Daehyun to be together but that will break Jongup's heart.
Thanks for the chapter! I'm glad this story has not been forgotten and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!