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Close Friends


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[Edited] Perviously known as "Falling For You... Again?"



After graduation, you and Kwangmin were enrolled into different ITE schools. You vowed to yourself that when you become 19, you would find your soulmate since you were sure that Kwangmin is not one. But when you see him 2 years later at the beginning of your first day at work, what will happen?


You/Minhee - A baby-face that everyone wants to pinch her cheeks. She likes to smile a lot and is a bright girl. She may look young but she is older than you expected! Had a crush on Kwangmin before in their school. 

Kwangmin - Minhee's close friend and crush. A cute nerd- wait scratch that.. Handsome guy but was not that popluar in school. Heard that Minhee had a crush on him so he tried to be closer to her until when he found out she already had 'boyfriend'. When i meant 'boyfriend', she really doesn't have one and is not ready for a relationship so she lied to her friends.

Minor Characters~

Chorong (A Pink) - Minhee's first friend after school life. Kwangmin's cousin. Sweet and pure.

Zelo (B.A.P) - Minhee's and Kwangmin's friend. Minhee's first love in secondary school. Quite like Kwangmin's personality.

Created: 10 Feb

Finished: 12 Feb on BOYFRIEND's Donghyun's birthday! :D


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