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Summer Vacation with a Jerk


"...The best feeling in the world? Isn’t it when school ends and summer vacation starts? Hell yes!"That happy feeling ends when your mother announces that you have to go to a summer school and live with your parents friends in Seoul.  They happ...

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Summer Vacation with a Jerk is my first story ever...

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riyoko #1
BamBamPrinceCharming #2
Chapter 55: This is really- *sobs* romantic and *sobs again* just pure awesomeness I just can't *sobs again*
iloveleeminho7 #3
Chapter 47: This story is amazing! Thank you so much for writing it and posting it!!
stereotypiical #4
Chapter 49: i'm rereading this story for the second time and i'm hella adjkajjjandn rn.
yoorisa #5
Chapter 47: I love your story seriously.... it's my first time leaving a comment on aff... it's because this ff hits me so much.... I love how it is... all of it... sorry I don't think I can explain how wonderful it is by words....
kdramafan #6
Chapter 48: Re reading this amazingly well written story !!! The feels for this are back !
ekanorsyafiqah #7
Chapter 55: I love it ;)
im_pororo #8
Chapter 17: Is Luhan jealous because Moon Ri is with Sehun? or because Sehun is with Moon Ri?

Nilde9 #9
Chapter 47: So good! I' m happy right now :)