Summer Vacation with a Jerk


"...The best feeling in the world? Isn’t it when school ends and summer vacation starts? Hell yes!"That happy feeling ends when your mother announces that you have to go to a summer school and live with your parents friends in Seoul.  They happ...

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Summer Vacation with a Jerk is my first story ever...

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crishma #1
Chapter 56: it's my third time reading this story and i still can't get over with it :) really love this story
BloomPlinkRose #2
Chapter 46: I looooooove MOON RI character so much. I love the plot and story. Is so great! ♥♥♥
MedyoBakla #3
Chapter 47: Yaaaaaaaaass this ff is the one ♡
Mrdeer #4
Chapter 47: Yes, this chapter is very longggg~~~ anyways I'm a new reader here.. ^^ I love it when the author of the fan fiction start the romantic scene.. Wuuuuhuuu!!
adryanazafirah #5
Chapter 47: I love this story so much !!!!!
jehovanissi #6
Chapter 55: I love this so muccchhhhh <3
allrisestrawberry #7
Chapter 20: ""What about the Baby-face couple?"

"That's too simple!" Chanyeol said. They started giving each other evil glares but then looked away and acted as if nothing happened. They are always arguing yet they love each other the most."

I can't not comment on this bc BAEKYEOL. <3
-wuchifan #8
huhu i wasn't expecting the story to end like that
Mar-j55 #9
Chapter 47: ok.. i hate lulu.. because... hes so arrogant!!!.. n moon is so weak! *^O^* hoho.. kidding.. love ur story authornim.. the best story ever!! u make it like a real life of luhan.. but.. im serious hate it when luhan always won
PrinceA #10
Wow Cool :D