Summer Vacation with a Jerk


"...The best feeling in the world? Isn’t it when school ends and summer vacation starts? Hell yes!"That happy feeling ends when your mother announces that you have to go to a summer school and live with your parents friends in Seoul.  They happ...

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Summer Vacation with a Jerk is my first story ever...

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yeoliex__ #2
Chapter 6: i love this story ❤❤❤
beautifulhudson #3
muailevai #4
Chapter 55: I really love your story :) its AWESOME!!!!
JaejoongxxYunho #5
I miss this story!
ElizaKAth #6
You are one kickass of a writer and keep writing... You'll be kicking asses!!!
I love everything in it... Splendidly written!
Love love it!
And I freaking love your humour!!
beautifulhudson #7
kaisoobaek #8
Chapter 47: This fanfic makes me laugh and freak out all at the same time. This may not be a kick- comment but this fanfic itself can surely kick- itself. I LOVE IT SO MUCHHH DAMNIT
giekyungso #9
Chapter 47: I really fond this fic..I regret for not reading it in d'first place.
It's awesome authornim^^
cutiecupie #10
It feels as if Luhan has left EXO for moonri.
sasha_irdina3 #11
Chapter 6: hahaha. i like this part. sad because Luhan has left EXO.... btw, your story is good..