Summer Vacation with a Jerk


"...The best feeling in the world? Isn’t it when school ends and summer vacation starts? Hell yes!"That happy feeling ends when your mother announces that you have to go to a summer school and live with your parents friends in Seoul.  They happ...

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Summer Vacation with a Jerk is my first story ever...

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kdramafan #2
Chapter 56: OMO !! I need to sleep ...
Spent five to six hours reading this because it is amazing !,
I know there was warning for epilogue .. I saw it coming when I read warning but why !!!!!
This was just daebak ! You're a really awesome writer !!,
Fighting authornim
princessecl2050 #3
Chapter 55: I am tottaly addicted to this story it's just
amazing and i will.never stop reading even if there:s a 1000000 chapters left so.thank <3 <3
katiemee #4
Chapter 47: Chapter 47: oh finally! Thank you! I can finally see the light! :'D
jungcok #5
Hello author-nim! I just wanted to let you know (I guess you know it) that your fanfic is seriously the best thing I have read online! The plot is awesome and Lu Han's character development seriously kills me! I also wanted to ask you something as I couldn't find another way to do so. Could I make a Bobby from iKon version of this fanfic? What I mean is to change Lu Han's character into Bobby's but the plot and the other characters will stay the same. I won't claim as my own and all credits will direct the reader to your fanfic. Please reply to my message once you get this. Thank you.
Tuvshu #6
I just loooooooove your story! Please keep updating and write new stories~ WE LOVE YOU AUTHORNIM!
heyypatrik #7
Hello! Sorry, i couldn't find any other way to ask you, so i'm gonna do it here x)
I'm from Russia, and i reaaaaally loved your story! SO! I really want to translate your fanfic on russian! What do you think about that? Do you mind if i'll do it? Of course all rights will be on you, and i'll send you the link to the story :) Please, answer me!!
fallenangeel #8
Going to start reading!!~
yeoliex__ #9
Chapter 6: i love this story ❤❤❤
beautifulhudson #10
muailevai #11
Chapter 55: I really love your story :) its AWESOME!!!!