いつまでも 「Forever & Ever」

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Characters You, Sehun [EXO], Suzy [Miss A], Dongwoon [B2ST], & Yuri [SNSD]
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When a new neighbor becomes the trending topic of every discussion amongst your peers, you can't help but grow curious. What made Sehun, an evasive and mysterious boy, so appealing to everyone? Perhaps it's the fact that he's on the varsity soccer team, or maybe because he's a genius when it comes to calculus and physics. But, to be honest, it's probably his undeniably handsome looks. However, he's the most antisocial boy you've ever met. Sehun is extremely shy, and fewer words come out of his mouth at any time than from yours during class. He never seems to make eye contact and you always have to lean forward just to hear what he's saying. No matter how much you want to ignore his behavior, you find yourself wondering more and more about his distinct character. It isn't until you learn a shocking secret, when the pieces finally all fit together.

WARNING (PLEASE READ!): The majority of chapters have a slight use of swearing, but it's very scattered throughout the writing so I refrained from marking the whole story as 'Rated M'. However, for chapters with excessive mature language, I will be sure to mark the individual chapter (M). Also, for the reader's sake, I have censored the words with asterisks. If anyone has an issue with this (especially underaged readers) please let me know; I'll be happy to accommodate & mark the full story 'Rated M'.

*Please respect my rights as an author. No plagiarism or "borrowing" of any ideas presented in my work. There is a reason why I disallow text selection.



To my faithful friends, readers, & subscribers: it's wonderful to see you again~! <3

& To any new faces: hello there! Thanks for taking the time to check out my story (:

It's been quite a while, but as a promise to my (boy)friend @yongbaeyahhh, I have started a new project! Yee~!! (It's her birthday present! Haha)

This fiction has a different style to it (for those of you who read my last fic, Someone Like You, which had a more playful tone to it) but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy! I'll do my best to update as much as possible (which may not be very often, but I really will make an effort to try!) and carefully craft this story into something beautiful (: Hopefully it will be up to standards & you'll be thoroughly entertained!

Love always,


Main Characters:

Protagonist (you!): Junior in high school; honors student; sprinter on the varsity track team.

Nathan (Yoon Shi Yoon): Your older brother; sophomore in college. Can be your best friend at times, but also has the ability to annoy you until you snap.

Suzy (from Miss A): Your best friend since forever; junior in high school. Your mothers met in college and know each other through work. She's basically your missing half. While you're more on the brainy, tomboy side, she's the one who teaches you how to apply makeup and walk in heels.

Dongwoon (from B2ST): Senior & captain of the varsity soccer team. He's absolutely gorgeous and every girl in the district knows it; he's practically the epitome of perfection and it's impossible not to fall in love with his personality and charm.

Yuri (from SNSD): Senior & middle distance runner on the varsity track team. She's known as the girl who gets around, but with her natural inclination to flirt and pretty looks, no one can blame her.

Sehun (from EXO): Senior & star player on the varsity soccer team. He recently moved into the house right next to yours. He's extremely smart when it comes to math and physics.

Note: Other cameos are revealed later on in the story.

*Disclaimer: The personalities given to these characters are entirely fictitious. Please don't take offense if an idol is portrayed in a certain way; their personas are purely for the sake of a cohesive fanfic (complete with distinct protagonists & antagonists).*



"Come on, how many times in your life can you say that you've met someone who's completely changed your outlook on the world?"

I gently picked a dandelion next to me, staring at the ground to avoid answering.

"You know you're in love. He knows you're in love. And you know what? He knows he loves you back. Why can't you accept it?"

Something was struggling inside of me, fighting its way up my throat to splatter itself all over her pure perspective of reality. I barely swallowed my words, determined to keep every dark secret inside of me, even if it consumed me from the inside out.

"I know you're scared, but I'm here for you, and so is he. Just one look at him and I can already tell that he'd go to the ends of the universe just to make you smile. Now will you please stop looking so depressed and try to be happy? For me? For him?"

"It's not that I'm afraid of being in love," I sighed, staring at the delicate petals of the dandelion. "It's just…"

"It's just what?" she asked impatiently.

"Convoluted." I inhaled deeply before attempting to blow away the petals of the dandelion, but the wind beat me to it. I stared at the stem, watching as the wish that I desired more than anything in the world was taken away from me because I was too slow.

I was racing against time, but with each second I was left farther behind.


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amturtle12 #2
Chapter 40: And i completed it <3
I love this fic yay:D
It'll definitely be one of my favourite fictions:)!!
I love sehun character, it's just lovely in a way.
Thank you authornimm;)
amturtle12 #3
Chapter 30: anotherO MG (i feel really bad i wish i can say something else haha)
But OMG,
I thought it was Sehun T_____T i got a shock mannn
amturtle12 #4
Chapter 16: Can i cry T_______T////
My feeeeeeeeelssss
(Lost for words)
amturtle12 #5
Chapter 7: Sehun's so freaking cute
It's like because of his actions
Not the usual sweet talks, words.
This is the real "better done than better said"
He's so sweet T_T .... I can feel it when he's like hardly saying anything
amturtle12 #6
Chapter 5: Ohmygod ohsehun T_____T///
This fic's getting me so baddddd ToT////
I love it so far. It just feels so real.
And ouch, i just realised.
Sehun is in the soccer team too which means he will have to ask someone too omgggg
forevermimosa #7
This is beautiful, words can't describe how I feel after finishing this fanfic. I love sehuns character in this, the way you portrayed his character, and his actions really tugged on my heartstrings and I'm so glad things worked out in the end. <3 anyways, Hwaiting author-nim! (':
Un1c0rns #8
Chapter 40: This story took an unexpected turn out of no where and I was not ready for it. But it also made this story SO MUCH BETTER.
I almost wanted to stay up until the sun rose but I crave sleep haha.
Anyways AMAZING job with writing this story. If I were to choose my favorite character, I would choose Dongwoon. I'm sad that he didn't end up with the main character, but he'll find someone else. :)
Deaniratfn #9
Chapter 40: I actually found your story like months ago, but I just decided to read it now. And im glad
EXOticLariBird #10
Chapter 40: This is too beautiful to be true! Everything in this fic is worth the time to read. Not just rhe oh so lovely characters but also the way you write them. I am sooooo in love with this that I WILL read all over again! You have such amazing talent Author-nim! Kudos to you! Thank you soooo much for sharing this amazing story with us. :)
jiashuai #11
Chapter 40: this fic is so beautifully written, not ur usual hottie jackass neighbor who falls in love with u bc ur a warrior!sue kind of fic i love it so much! this might be one of my favorite school!au. i was rotated to a psychiatric facility a year ago so i can relate deeply in spiritual level with his condition, i initially thought hes suffering from schizoaffective bc of his terrible moodswings but turns out he was just not popping his lithium lol. this fic so refreshing! thank u for creating this!