Soul Meets Soul When Eyes Meet Eyes

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The Light Ones and the Dark Ones have hated each other for as long as most can recall. Cho Kyuhyun is one of the beings that are shrouded in darkness, but he absolutely hates the Light Ones for more reasons than just the conventional ones like most of his kind. But, that all changes when the Dark Ones invade into the land of the light, and they take hold of a certain member of the royal family; they manage to kidnap the late ruler's middle son, Lee Sungmin. When they bring Sungmin back with them, Kyuhyun becomes strangely drawn to the other male both physically and emotionally. But, how will he be able to express how he feels freely, when their own people are at war with each other? And what will happen when Kyuhyun learns that Sungmin has a dark past of his own?

The main pairing in this fic is KyuMin, but side pairings will include: TeukChul, EunHae, and YeWook. Other pairings may surface as I go along, but those are all I have planned for now. This fic not only includes members of Super Junior, but also members of SHINee, DBSK, and Bigbang.


Terms you readers will need to know:

Recognition: "Soul meets soul when eyes meet eyes, two beings become one", when one's soul recognizes another, binding them to each other for life; often causing an extreme ual desire between one another that is uncomparable to any other bond. One does not necessarily have to love their recognized partner, but they will forever be apart of you regardless of how you feel. If one denies the recognition, it can make one terribly ill and cause great emotional distress. Gender, age, race, etc, none of it matters; recognition is recognition. When one is recognized with someone else, you gain a telekinetic bond; meaning that if your recognized partner chooses, they can speak to you telepathically. The downfall of this deep bond is that if your recognized partner feels pain that is great enough, then you will feel it too.

Lifemate: When one decides to spend the rest of their life with another; usually occurs after recognition, though it can happen without it.

Lovemate: What a ual partner is considered to be, or someone you fall in love with, but not necessarily enough to want to spend the rest of your life with another.

Disclaimer: This fic is rated for a reason. There will be scenes of violence and . I do not own any of the boys, they all own their lovely selves. The terms 'recognition', 'lifemate', and 'lovemate' are derived from a series of stories called ElfQuest, but the definition I'm using for the term 'recognition' is a little different than the one from that story (In ElfQuest, the term recognition is indeed about the recognition of another's soul, the purpose of it in the book is for reproduction; if you're recognized with someone, it's so you can produce a unique and special offspring. But, since I'm using it with a boyxboy couple, the definition had to change somewhat). The story and plot are all developed in my little mind, and any resemblance to other fics or stories is purely coincidental. 




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A Further Explanation.

On an Earth-like planet with two moons, there is one reigning species, but they are split into two very different groups. They are known as the Light Ones and the Dark Ones. Even though they are both technically the same race, they both have been seperated for so long, that they have both developed very different customs, beliefs, and even magical abilities.

The Light Ones live in the Land of the Light, and are known to be very peaceful, kind, and compassionate beings. The Land of the Light is a very beautiful place; there is a valiant golden castle where the royal family lives, and it is surrounded by other beautiful structures and homes, glorious forests, glistening rivers; the enviroment is one of pure paradise. The Light Ones themselves are known to be extremely beautiful in appearance, and the closest to perfection that any being could ever be. They are also known for their extremely wide variety of magical abilities; some are rockshapers, firestarters, water manipulators, treeshapers, light manipulators, teleporters, and even, on rare occasions, healers. Some can even have more than one of those traits, though they are incredibly rare. Not all of the Light Ones have special abilities such as that, but absolutely no one is descriminated against. They are the picture perfect society, seemingly living happy lives.

The Dark Ones, however, live in a very different society. The Realm of Darkness is almost constantly under the cover of a thick layer of clouds, never letting the sun peak through. The buildings all resemble what would be considered a 'bad part of a town'; with large, dark apartment buildings, clubs on almost every corner, all of which are surrounding the large, gothic castle where all of the soldiers and the royal family are housed. The Dark Ones are usually seen as heartless, cruel, and spiteful beings. They are said to kill without remorse; but they are also shrouded in complete mystery. Their magical ability is very limited; they can usually only manipulate the element of darkness, and even then only few can do it. The few that are discovered to have this ability, are often trained to become soldiers for the royal family, and spend the rest of their lives within the castle walls. Though they are technically the same species as the Light Ones, the difference is all in their blood; the Dark Ones have been bred with darkness flowing within their blood.

Both the Light Ones and the Dark Ones have a strong hate for each other, and they are constantly at war with one another. No one remembers exactly how the war started, but in the end, all that matters is who will be the one that finishes it. The Light Ones are weaker than the Dark Ones when it comes to physical strength, but the Dark Ones always faulter beneath the magical strength the Light Ones possess. So, it goes on, the great war between the two opposing sides, wondering who will be victorious in the end. But, fate has decided on another way to possibly end the war; a way that involves one of the strongest soldiers on the Dark Ones' side by the name of Kyuhyun, and the middle son of Light Ones' royal family by the name of Sungmin. Will fate bind them together forever, or will the war tear them apart?


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hai amazing authornim~ i just want to say.. kyumin isnt even one of my top ships but this is one of my most favourite stories ever. Its so nicely written this is like the 3rd or 4th time im reading it. Even though its been like 4yrs since i first found this and read it, i still think about this fic from time to time because its amazing. Dont think ill ever forget this. Thank you for writing such an awesome fic authornim! Im gonna go read it now~
onews-chicken-line #2
Chapter 20: I know you have a new account, but if you ever come to check the comments on this story, I'd just like to say that this is probably my 4th time reading this whole entire series. It is one of my absolute favorites!!
kpopislove92 #3
Chapter 20: So freaking amazing. Beathtaking beautiful all written in these 20 chapters. You should consider getting this published. I would buy it in a heartbeat
kpopislove92 #4
Chapter 12: That was amazing. Absolutely amazing
kpopislove92 #5
Chapter 9: I really need to stop; I'm at work and I'm being so bad and I keep reading whenever I have the chance. . .
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Chapter 8: Damn I forgot how utterly amaizng this fanfic is. I can't put it down.
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Chapter 20: urgh god you know how to break a persons heart dont you!
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Chapter 20: Awww it's a really good story. I wished kyu didn't have to leave:/
But thank goodness there is a sequel !!!
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Chapter 20: Read this for like the 4th time and I still love it ^_^
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