The Monster Within Me


Thank you to blue14_sapphire from Pandromeda. Love the poster, background and character chart. You did an amazing job!

A laboratory in Tokyo that was meant to run experiments that could save millions. Instead it ended up creating a monster within an innocent person. This one mistake cost many innocent people there lives. Mao Inoue, a survivor, escapes to Hokkaido and finds a family. To that family she tells the story of how one person's life would be changed forever.




A girl who survived the Tokyo incident and tells a family the truth behind it.



Mao's younger brother. A victim of the attacks.


It was another icy cold day in Hokkaido but it didn't faze the people there at all, they were used to the cold. In fact, they kind of liked it. One girl in particular loved playing in the cold air and in the snow. She jumped about throwing snow balls at snow covered hedges as she had no friends to play with. It wasn't that she didn't have friends, they were just all in the house by now. After all, they were only 10, but this girl lived with her mother who worked until late at night so she was really able to stay out for however long she wanted. That is until her mother came back. The girl continued to play until she saw a figure appear at the end of the path. It was a young woman who looked exhausted. Her feet were dragging across the ground as she struggled to pull herself along the path. 

The girl got the feeling that it was just a matter of time until that woman collapsed so she done the one thing she was told never to do. She talked to a stranger.
"Ano. You look tired and it's supposed to get colder tonight, so do you want to come into my house and rest for the night. I'm sure my okaa-san won't mind."
The woman looked at the girl with sad eyes. Eyes that held so much pain. "Didn't your okaa-san ever tell you not to talk to strangers?"
The girl nodded. "But you look like you're going to collapse, besides she is going to come home soon."
The young woman thought for a second before expressing her gratitude and following the girl to the house. When they got in the warmth enveloped them and the young woman could never be more grateful. 
They took off their jackets and scarf and such before the young woman sat down on the couch while the little girl went to fix them a cup of hot chocolate. The girl came back with two steaming mugs of hot chocolate and handed one to the young woman. 
"What's your name?" The little girl asked, curiosity evident in her voice.
"Well, what's yours?"
"I asked you first!"
"I never tell someone my name unless I know their name. Just like I normally don't trust people."
"But won't that be awfully lonely. I mean you will never meet anyone new."
"I had to become like this. It's something I learned."
The girl nodded but you could tell she didn't quite get it. "My name is Aiko Nagasawa."
"I'm Mao. Mao Inoue."
"Mao's a pretty name. Your parents picked a really pretty name for you."
Mao looked down at the ground. "Both my parents are dead."
"It's alright you didn't know."
"Aiko. Who's this?" Mao and Aiko turned around to see a woman carrying shopping bags standing in the doorway of the living room. 
"Okaa-san. It's alright this is-"
"Mao Inoue-desu."
"Why is Inoue-san here, Aiko?"
"Because she looked like she was going to collapse."
"It's alright. I'll leave if you want me to."
"No...I guess it's alright. Inoue-san do you have anywhere to go?"
"What about parents? Any other family members?"
"I guess it's alright to stay the night then. I'm Masami Nagasawa."
Mao nodded.
Once Aiko was asleep in bed, Masami took this as a chance to find out more about this Mao Inoue. "Inoue-san. Where do you originally come from?"
"Eh?! You came all this way! How?"
"I walked."
"No wonder you were tired. Why walk all the way to Hokkaido?"
"I needed to get away."
"From what?"
"From something that happened."
"I don't suppose you could tell me?"
Mao looked into Masami's eyes. Masami could tell that Mao was debating whether or not to tell a complete stranger her problems. But Mao must have decided that Masami looked like a trustworthy person because she decided to tell her.
"Do you know about the stream of mass murders that hit Tokyo 2 years ago?"
"H-hai. It was pretty big news all over Japan because of how many died and how gruesome it was."
"Well I was involved in those killings. A little more than I'd like to be."
"What do you mean?"
"Do you know the laboratory that got destroyed?"
"Ah hai. It got burned to the ground and all the workers died in the fire. If I remember correctly it was around that time that the murders started."
"Well, the scientists didn't die in the fire."
"They were killed before that. By something they had created. An experiment that got out of control. That experiment is the cause of the murders. Those scientists created a monster and that monster killed my younger brother. And that is what I am running away from."
Masami just sat there utterly shocked. But just like her daughter, she was curious, so decided to find out more.
"What exactly happened in Tokyo 2 years ago?"
"You really want to know?"
"Yes. Besides, they say that talking about the past can sometimes help people deal with it."
Mao thought for a second. "Fine. I'll tell you. But just so you know, this isn't going to be a story with a happy ending like in fairytales. Are you prepared for what I'm about to tell you?"
"Yes. I'm ready!"
"Fine. Then I'll begin..."


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Vampirexy192 #1
Chapter 39: Wow, this was amazing. It felt like I'm watching Japanese horror movie in my mind. It was really rare to find horror fan fiction in this AFF. However, I'm glad I could find one which was your story. :) It was really interesting that Mao was internally fighting with Yuki abut her darkness nature that she wouldn't admit it. I thought it was due to her having schizophrenia or hallucinations since she was traumatized. But nope, that monster was indeed a real thing. It seek for attention and care just what Mao had wanted in her life but she just kept it too herself. After all her life seemed revolved with her taking care of her brother instead of herself. That's why Yuki was exist. That's what I think since Mao was Yuki's creator. Anyway, love your story! ♥
Yukie23 #2
Chapter 39: Omg, honestly, I expected the exact opposite to happen.
I loved that ending, it just seemed so fitting.
No words, it was just awesome :D
Yukie23 #3
Sorry I haven't commented in the longest, life caught up with me >.>

I'm glad Satoshi is still alright, but I keep fearing the worst xD (of course!) And it seems like Yuki is just getting more upset with Mao every passing day. I know she wants Mao's attention, but I'd be having trouble loving someone that tells me to kill too. So, in a way, I suppose Mao is a monster for listening in the same way the Yuki is a monster for prompting her to kill..Gah! My mind is confused now, I don't even know if that made sense. But awesome updates, thanks~! :)
Yukie23 #4
Haruka >:D She's such a badass, I love it!

Mao got shot :O Major surprise~!
Yukie23 #5
The monster seems more and more like Frankenstein, but in this case, it's inside its creator instead of being a separate entity.
Idk why, but I always felt like Haruka was the type to just kill Mao on the spot xD She must have something else up her sleeve >.>
Yukie23 #6
I am so glad Jun isn't dead, I honestly thought he was >.>
But now Mao has got a real monster coming after her :o
Yukie23 #7
O.O Major cliffhanger! Can't wait to see all the ideas you have for this fic!
Also, no matter how many times I read that it's a woman in a white dress, I always picture a little girl in a white dress xD Lol, I suppose my mind makes me think of children every time I think about innocence. In a way, I don't feel the monster is evil, even though it has killed so many. I suppose it depends on how you look at it. :)
Yukie23 #8
When you said that the monster was always part of Mao, I took it as being the murderous intent that all people have, but that they keep suppressed for moral reasons. As in, everyone has the ability to kill when their survival is in jeopardy. This instinct is usually suppressed today because religion and codes of morality have deemed that it's wrong to kill. I feel like this 'Monster' is simply this instinct that has become more of a separate entity now, with a different appearance than Mao. I believe the reason the Monster is resentful is because it does not understand why it's a Monster if it's only an instinct to survive? Idk, does that make sense? Funny how a simple sentence can be so intriguing xD
Yukie23 #9
O.O Omg! What's gonna happen, what's gonna happen!?
Yukie23 #10
Ok, I'll say now that I am so relieved Satoshi is not dead, although, I am hoping now that Jun doesn't die. I have a feeling that he inevitably will :'(

And as all this goes on, I'm wondering what the little girl and her mom are thinking as they hear this. If that would have been me, I would have been like, "Can you like...leave?" You know, so that the monster won't get completely angry and kill me too >.>