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Yuri and Jessica are back!!

Thank you, my readers, my subscribers for always waiting for me to update my ff.

I've finally finished my story and I hope you guys love it.

I'll continue to work hard for the next ff, since I already had an idea for it, and I promise it'll be a longer one.

Thank you for subscribing and er, I can continue thanking you guys non-stop.


Look out for Jess-ahOlic for the next FANFIC ON ASIANFANFICS!

on going FF. LOOK OUT! :)


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Jismusicfy #1
Chapter 12: Happy ending! YulSic love forever! Thanks author nim!
Fahyukie #2
I hope Yuri will get Jessica soon ..And I'm glad that Yuri realize her mistake ..
yultisiclovers #3
awww~yulsic.. hope yuri manage 2 come on sica on time tho..
poor them..huhu..thanx 4 taeny help..yulsic actually kno they both need each other..
love the way u make dis story as the real-life storyline tho haha.. update soon!
Fahyukie #4
Pity Yul TT-TT It became more complicated ..Can't wait for next ~
wilovsya #5
wah.wah... more complicated.... update soon author...
JennyLee #6
poor for yulsic
YULSICTIshippers #7
please update faster!!
Fahyukie #8
Jessica ..Yuri ..they have big ego !!aigo ..I'm tired !lol xD Can't wait what will happen next ~
mochi_09 #9
update soon
aww yulsic
littlelamb #10
update soon please!!!