Who is the father?

by KatieLeeberg
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One last time I look back as I leave the building where many of my dreams came true. Tears start building up behind me eyes. A completely different life is waiting for me now. Protective I put a hand on the barely noticeable bump under my shirt. I’ll take good care of us, I promise.


The story is not all about finding out about the father more about who is called Appa in the end.


NO silent readers please! + Request Critique (don't just tell me you (don't) like it but also WHY)

+ English is NOT my first language, so I can make huge grammer mistakes, please bear with me but if it's unbearable just say so XD


One last time I look back as I leave the building where many of my dreams came true. Tears start building up behind me eyes. A completely different life is waiting for me now. Protective I put a hand on the barely noticeable bump under my shirt. I’ll take good care of us, I promise.

6 months later I leave the hospital with a small bundle of life and happiness in my arms. Kanghan Yong, that’s what I have named him. I know he is going to end up as Yongie but I like the meaning of his name. Strong Dragon, which is what he will be. Strong, handsome, determined, working for what he wants. Like his dad.

My phone vibrates. “Yoboseyo?” “Ne, Amanda? I got you a house in Busan. You can stay there as long as you want. And don’t forget, you can always call me, always.” “Ne, mister president. Thank you very much”. Unaware of it I bow to him, although he can’t see it. I am really thankful he helps me out. “I’ve got to go, my cab arrived”. “Ne, take care”.

I watch Yongie while he makes a sandcastle on Hongdae beach. In 4 years the small bundle I carried out of the hospital has grown to a toddler with an areola of charm around him. “Omo, are you babysitting him? You are so lucky, he is so cute!” I sight. “I am not his babysitter, I am his mother”. “Really”, the random passer-by says with a surprised look on her face. “He doesn’t look like you, actually he looks a lot like-…”. “I know”, not wanting to hear his name I don’t let her finish her sentence. “Yongie, come, we’re going home”. I lift Yongie up in my arms and bow to the passer-by. “Sorry, I got to go”.

Conversations like this happen all the time and with Yongie getting older they increase.  The resemblance with his father makes me worry. Although I enjoyed my time in Busan I think it’s time for us to move to a place where it’s less likely for Yongie to get recognized as the son of his father.

I get out my phone and dial the president’s number. The last time I talked to him was when I left the hospital but he never misses Yongies birthday. He always send us a card telling us to take care and be strong. “Mister President? It’s me, Amanda”. “Amanda! How are you doing? How is Yongie?” “I am worried, Yongie is starting to resemble his father more and more. I am afraid that they are going to recognize him someday. I’d like to movie to London with him soon, can you please help me?” “Are you sure? Okay, I’ll help you. But please come to Seoul for a week, okay? I would like to see him.” I hesitated. “But what if... he sees me?” “I will assure you that nobody will see you, please come”. Not being able  reject his request after all he has done for me I decide to go. “Arraso, I’ll be there. Thank you”. And again like 4 years ago I bowed to him without him seeing it. “Thank you”.

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xxMyNameIsASecretxx () says about chapter 12:
~Love it!!!~ <3

aegyo_bom () says:
new reader here!
update soon!

Iheartlife () says:
cool story :D

Rifa_Namstar () says:
Hello! Do you need posters/trailers/reviews. Then come and visit Rainbow Rain ^^


lolitabunny () says:
i keep wondering how old is amanda
is she 20 years old?
cuz she left when she was 16(pregnant)and came back with a child(4)
but does she speak so informally to YG???
please answer...even if its trivial...

bbbigbang () says:
OMFG. thanks for the update :D ik vraag me af hoe dat plan gaat uitpakken... hmm.. denk niet dat Jiyong & Seunghyun het leuk zullen vinden D:
anyway.Ik ben jaloers. IK WIL OOK NAAR KOREA :(
Maar whoa. ik zal gespannen wachten op meer updates :)

KatieLeeberg [A] () says:
@fyushi thank you for loving it so much <3 I hope I'm able to update soon but I'm currently super busy with school.. :'(

fyushi () says:
ooOOOO, its almost like every fanfic its gdragon and top fighting for the girl. HAHA super unique and different fanfic :D im loving it~

KatieLeeberg [A] () says:
@bbbigbang yay finally! het blijft echt raar om comments in het nederlands te lezen. Ik probeer snel weer te updaten m'n goede voornemen voor dit jaar is om meer te schrijven. ben al bezig met het volgende hoofdstuk al zou ik momenteel minder moeten schrijven en meer moeten leren voor m'n hertentamen voor lezen en vertalen =.="

bbbigbang () says:
Oh, nice update =3
dankjewelvoorhetupdaten :]
en ik snap de late update.. ik heb 2 van mijn ff's al sinds de zomer niet meer geupdate, door... moeilijkheden, zal ik maar zeggen xD
maar echt, supervet!!! :D please, ga zo door & probeer svpaub snel te updaten!!! ^^

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