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12:00 AM; Midnight.




Cho Kyuhyun was a vampire. He needed blood, preferably female blood. Every night he longed for the sweet, velvety, red blood

dripping down the girl’s neck. He not only needed blood, no. He needed something else. He needed . Every midnight, he would

change. He would turn violent, killing every human with a beating heart in his way. ...

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Hey guys, hellokpop here with my third fanfic/story. 

I will not update this frequently. So subscribe or not. It's your choice (x


If you want to read my first two fanfiction here it is (x 

Intoxicated by Love. 

It's a suspensful(not really) romantic. The main guys are Eunhyuk and Sungmin. It's about a spy who's number one rule is to not fall in



That is my main fanfiction. My other fanfiction that I will update as slow as this one is 

Take the Chance. 

It's a complete opposite of Intoxicated by Love because it is more fre...

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MaoZhin #1
Chapter 9: Why did you end at this moment? ;; This story interested me, and I really hope that someday you will come and update. :(
Come baaack :'(
dokyungs #2
Chapter 9: Why why why?! It was just getting good huhu
I hope you update soon :)
superjuniorpicz #3
Chapter 9: Please update soon! This story is one of my favourite ones!
kyuhyunlover28 #4
vampire8823 #5
Chapter 9: update soon please
forgivenessqueen7 #6
Chapter 9: This is amazing. Please please update soon!!
kitty_se7en #7
Chapter 9: THIS STORY IS SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! :D I was waiting for this story to be completed until I read it but I just couldn't resist ..! >.<
Please author-nim~ please update~ :))
YoungMiPark #8
update soon ~
twilight13 #9
Chapter 3: it's must be tiring for kyu.