Of Omega Prince and His Alpha

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  In which Luhan is the second prince omega of the Great Lu Kingdom who is having his heat and Sehun is just a commoner who happens to be the new gardener at the Lu Kingdom Palace. 


So this is something about ancientkingdom!au featuring Sehun and Luhan #^_^#

  This is gonna be a twoshot or three-shot and if i decided to add ( i still cant make up my mind ) I'll make sure to rate it as M in the said chapter. 


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Mitsuki_Love 0 points #1
I love how this story is going~
Keep doing a great job!!
0 points #2
Chapter 1: Lol luhan 's is so near.
anaha10 0 points #3
Chapter 1: This is so good need morree^^^
trappedinjunhwan 0 points #4
Chapter 1: I like this ^^ keep it up!
nuyuyukira 0 points #5
Chapter 1: This is so great!! I love where the story is going and I'll be waiting for your next update! Fighting~~
anaha10 #6
Sounds interesting.