What if i´m aual?


I´ve never been attacked to a boy or a girl. My name is Jennie Kim. Ever since I changed school everything has changed. New friends, new expectations, new problems and new everyday struggles. Sometimes I wonder if I am living, or if I just pretend to do so. Why does it seems like everyone around me have their future planned? While I still can´t figure out what tomorrows plan will be? Everything seems like a routine. I wake up, go to school, talk with friends, go home sleep and then repeat. My life have always been kind of normal and boring ..  well, not until this boy caught my attention


Jennie Kim


Jung Jaewon (One)


Kim Hanbin (B.I)



English is not my first language, and this account was created because I was inspired to write after reading many fanfictions. Story by me and any similarities is just coincidences. That being said, enjoy (I hope) :) 

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ohiroo 0 points #1
Chapter 9: Hanbin's jealousy make me laugh. He really adores jen so much.
Blackinmotion 0 points #2
Chapter 8: Damn, must be zico and the two others that hitted him with the baseball bat.. all I though about was konbats lmao!
ktn123 #3
Chapter 7: Is that guy jaewon?? He seems so rude!! I hope Jennie doesn’t fell for him easily
Chapter 6: I love this story so much! Blackpink and Ikon are great friends ahahha <3 Lol Chanyeol tho, so cute!
Btw, hope Rose don't get heartbroken, cause that would be so sad T^T
AND Hanbin and Jennie is perfect~~

Keep up the great work!
ktn123 #5
Chapter 6: I hope everything is okay with rose and junhoe’s relationship, I want to know what he was trying to say to her. Also I’m excited to see more of jenbin as classmates!
LuRongLu #6
Chapter 4: Like it
ktn123 #7
Chapter 4: I love how smitten chanyeol is over hanbin! It’s so cute! I’m enjoying how you’re portraying the characters and showing their personality, even with slow updates I’ll be waiting for the story progression!
ohiroo #8
Chapter 4: Jenbin's interaction is everythinggggg
ktn123 #9
Chapter 3: I thought at first chanyeol liked Jennie because it sounds like he kept staring at her haha. Does hanbin usually go by BI and who is the other person with him?? I can’t wait to find out in the next chapter, I hope to see an update soon!
Whispurr #10
Chapter 3: Awww!! This story keeps getting better and better with each chapter! The plot slowly builds up and gives us a clear view of the characters, their personalities and the relationships among them. Looking forward to the unraveling of this storyyy~~