The Spring Has Come


For 18 years old alpha Jongin,falling in love(not to mention at first sight)with a ridiculously good looking omega whose smell somehow reminds him of sweet peach is definitely not included in Jongin's yearly to-do-list. Nope,it is not.


Words count: 2246


"Are you a whistle? Because I wanna blow you." The tall tanned alpha said awkwardly,feeling embarrassed when he noticed that the said omega was looking at him with a horror look on his face. 




Damn Jesus,forgive Jongin and his stupidity. 












Hey! This is my first attempt to write an alpha/omega fanfic so do tell me what you guys think :) Feed backs and comments are highly appreciated,thank you.



The chapter will be published tomorrow so stay tuned :)

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Chapter 1: Dumb/awkward alpha jongin is adorable! HahahahXD