Park Chanyeol My Beautiful Manly Princess [ChanBaek]

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Park Chanyeol, an orphan boy who has spent almost 24 years of his life in an orphanage, always getting rejected by people due to his violent, arrogant and ruthless behavior, finally devices a plan to cross dress as a girl just to get out of the orphanage and lucky enough for him, he ended up in the hands of Kim Jongin who happens to be Baekhyun's brother.


Getting out of his flashy white car, Kim Jongin looked at the orphanage home for a minute or two before letting out a small sigh as he walked inside, leaving his driver behind.


"Hello Sir! You're welcome." One of the ladies said while bowing down in respect as she was able to recognize him a week ago before adding "I'll call all the children and adults in the orphanage so you can make your choice Sir."


"No Missy, i'm not adopting a child but a matured girl so just call for all the ladies in this orphanage." Jongin said to which the lady gave a nod in agreement before walking off.


'Oh my God! He's here to adopt a girl? But my Channie is a boy and he has always wanted freedom so what should I do now?' Aunt Kim thought while looking at the man from the rooftop as she could hear their conversation. 


Aunt Kim is a very good friend of Chanyeol, she always overlook his arrogant behavior and takes good care of him like he is related to her, like a big sister would to her brother.


"I must inform Chanyeol about this." Aunt Kim said before walking off.


"Chanyeol, quickly get dressed, some guy who is wearing a fitted, shinny suit with a flashy car is here to adopt someone from this orphanage." Aunt Kim said, tapping him to wake up.


"Aunt Kim, why are you disturbing me? I'm so tired." Chanyeol said with a yawn following soothe, preparing to go back to dreamland.


"Chanyeol, a young man is here to adopt a lady from this orphanage." She repeated, causing Chanyeol to get up in a swift movement as his eyes doubled the normal size.


"W..what? Why didn't you tell me?" Chanyeol asked as he got up to get dressed, not forgetting to check the time as it read 7:45PM.


"Chanyeol you're not listening to me. He's here to adopt a girl." Aunt Kim said, causing Chanyeol to halt on his tracks.


"Wait, what? What the hell? You've just raised my hopes for nothing." Chanyeol said with an annoyed frown evident on his face.


"I'm so sorry Chanyeol. But we can find a way you know." Aunt Kim said, causing Chanyeol to raise a questioning brow at her.


"How do you mean Aunt Kim?" Chanyeol asked, clearly confused.


"What if I give you a complete makeover, that'll make you look just like a girl. You never know, he might choose to adopt you. How do you like that?" Aunt Kim asked with a small smirk playing on her lips.


"But i'm a boy, not a girl. I'm manly." Chanyeol said while furrowing his brows as he was in a deep thought.


"Of course I know all that... So?" She cooed in return.


"Alright, I hope this works." Chanyeol started with a smirk of his own. "I'm all in Aunt, gimme a complete makeover."





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is it gender bender?
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chankai disgust
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Chapter 2: I just love how they all go for Chanhee’s booty lols
Kinda thought it was Baek who was approaching her in the garden, but oh well~
And Jongin’s reaction can go either way tbh.
I do love this story and I can’t wait for the next update!!!
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Chapter 2: Aiye.... If Chanhee explain that his own driver is always harassing her probably...
Jongin will never punish...her.


Best of luck Chanyeol/Chanhee.

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Chapter 2: Ahahahaha best of luck for the next chapter
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Chapter 2: Best of Luck chanyeol ooops sorry Chanhee....
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Chapter 2: OH NO.....