can’t stop loving you (even if my heart breaks)

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Dahyun was sure Sana was the love of her life. Sana was sure she would end up breaking Dahyun’s heart.


Dahyun fell in love with one her customers. She was ready to do anything to win the girl's heart, but things got complicated...



Hello everyone, this is my first fanfic ever, please be gentle. 

English is not my first language, so I apologize for any awkward grammar or mistakes!

I accept any constructive criticism and would be very glad to know you guys' honest opinions. <3

I hope you enjoy!


cover made by arrobahyun. thanks a lot <3

happy valentine's day, everyone <3

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_ziakim_ #1
Chapter 3: Can’t wait for the next chapter
arrobahyun #2
and I'm still scared something bad is gonna happen lol please update soon cause I need to know moreeee
Chapter 3: Thanks for the update ..
Kk16ir 14 streak #4
Chapter 3: loving this story more and more!!
kyungtaetho #5
Chapter 3: thank you for this vday gift haha this softs my feels a lot!! I want to know more about them!
Chapter 3: Too cute
kygo12 #7
Chapter 3: MY HEART
you just made Valentine's Day better!
I hope you update soon!
Chapter 3: Happy valentine's day!! Heart heart
kwonsica #9
Chapter 3: Ahhhh you updated!
I was waiting for this, saida is really cute together here ~
I'm enjoying it a lot!
Allystae #10
Chapter 2: Feeling the power of a thousand rainbows and sunshines pounding through my veins after this unbelievably heartwarming start though I'm still scared about Sana's condition I'm for sure going to ignore it and enjoy the fluff for the time being hehe