A Place in Saturn


Seulgi found an old walkie talkie from her dad’s locker that will lead her to meet a girl from Saturn. 

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Chapter 1: I thought that this gonna be fluffy seulrene :(( but thanks anyway, its beautiful ㅜ.ㅜ
Chapter 1: Saturn by Sleeping At Last , one of the songs na gusto kong iparinig sa lahat and at the same time, ayoko kasi it's a masterpiece.
Chapter 1: Why is everyone killing joohyun and leaving seulgi sad and broken-hearted lmao but in all seriousness, this is the second angst fic today in which joohyun died with seulgi coping up with it hahahahaha

This was beautiful author T^T thank you for another amazing story!

And btw, I just wanna recommend the perfect song to listen to while reading this story, titled 'Saturn' by Sleeping At Last lol I'm not sure if you based it of from that author but that song is incredible.
Jazz23 #4
Chapter 1: Kat u should have posted a warning about this being tragic. My heart pls stay strong.
Jazz23 #5
Chapter 1: Well that escalated quickly. Huhu y this is sooo great. Now im celebrating valentines day w/ a heartbreak and i dont even have a special someone.
61 streak #6
Chapter 1: Me: crying a river
Jazz23 #7
Ugh this is sooo great. Thank u for this.