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Just a place where I can keep track of all well written fanfics I have read and liked.

Feel free to recommend me stories :) only well written please.

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can you recomend me ff bout soosun.
it is really hard to find. thank you :)
Krystaljung2410 1 points #2
Chapter 33: I'm not sure if you have already read them, but all of Taeny_Lovers stories are great, like jesus all of this authors stories are featured.
29 streak 1 points #3
MoonlitPrincess is an author I'd recommend. Got too many good stories to write all of the titles down. For saida, In the Name of Love and Must Have Been Love looks pretty good
Krystaljung2410 1 points #4
Chapter 32: Since u said one of your fav authors on here is ml5565, I was thinking u probs already read; cliche and fix me right? Cause Goddamn I love that author too. Plus they right dark stuff very well.
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Chapter 25: I remember this too
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Chapter 40: If you will ever read another yoonsic story again, I recommend darkwillow's stories
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oooh~ thanks for this list~
I'll be add these to my list :3
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I dont know if you have read this : THIS.IS.A.FREAKING.MASTERPIECE trust me bruh .its one of my most favorite stories (and i've read a lot of stories) the50s concept,the characters,the writing style i enjoyed reading every word of it
taeny_bear 1 points #9
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Freerunner by Wynteral, or well basically ALL her stories. Favs are def Freerunner and Taeny in a nutshell tho. Read it please, it’s practically a masterpiece.