Pick Me! - Seulrene

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Just a bond between the bodyguard and the CEO until one of them falls in love each other.


Kang Seulgi who worked as Bodyguard got a chance to protect one of the best CEO in South Korea.

Bae Joohyun, the beautiful and kindly CEO, did not expect to meet a different bodyguard than before.


other cast you please search for yourself


p.s : This story is already published in wattpad @seulgibaechuu account (mine) but with different language.

I am very grateful for you guys who provide support for my story. Sorry if i make a mistake in a sentence or gramar, I'm not a person who uses english. Please give me upvote, comment and continue to subscribe my story. Love you guys~

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assej7IM 0 points #1
Chapter 6: Omo, what will happen next. And why the heck is the next button missing? Author num I need the bext button pleaseeeee. Come on, don't tease us like this
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Chapter 6: omg omg yes seulrene
30 streak 0 points #3
Chapter 6: My SeulRene heart
Barby123 0 points #4
Chapter 6: Omg its good story
its_just_me_boi 0 points #5
Chapter 6: THEY KISSED
THEY FCKIN KISSED *dies again*
0 points #6
Chapter 6: Cool!!!
tysgmb09 0 points #7
Chapter 6: great chapter authornim~ looking forward for you next update
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Chapter 5: I can’t wait for them to get together
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Chapter 5: Woaaaaaa Seulrene sooo cool
KangBearX #10
Keren thor .-.