Cut Your Teeth


Jennie returned from a trip abroad to learn her boyfriend had been killed by a gang. Now she's got the perfect revenge plot, but a man called Suga keeps getting in her way.


"Why do they call you Suga?"

"Because I'm sweet."






poster credit to flawlessbaekhyun @ jelly bubble

This will be something completely new for me. I really wanted to write something similar and randomly got this idea the other night and wrote two chapters lol. I don't know how often I'll update in comparison to my other two (oops) stories but oh well, bear with me. 

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0 points #1
oooh this is interesting! can't wait!
sprinq #2
Chapter 2: i’m looking forward to your next update, author-nim! loving how the story go so far, also, a yoonnie shipper here eep!!
jennieisagoddess #3
Chapter 2: Namjoon x Jennie x Yoongi my fave ship ??
Chapter 2: Wait Namjoon is dead right why do they still mention him... anws this is gonna be so interesting :>>>
sugaandtea #5
Chapter 2: I cant wait for the next chapterr! This is so interesting hehehe
Chapter 1: oh sounds interesting! i wonder who jisoo’s husband is and how exactly namjoon died
Oh ma lorddd i just know this gon be lit this got be hwi!!!