Lets Keep it Hidden

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I’ve been watching too much jungri fmv, so here’s a little fanfic about them during a music show

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faweezah #1
Chapter 2: Ermagaddd is it possible to add more chapters to continue the story? *inserts puppy eyes* I just came across jungri today and im already shipping them so hard
Chapter 2: I-I'm voting for more!!
rezanvn #3
Chapter 2: More chapter pleaseeeeee
blueserenitygirl2404 #4
Chapter 2: Luv it
shironuu #5
Ahh it’s such a cute story!
Smile3107 #6
Chapter 2: More pleaseeeee
Chapter 2: Write more pleaseeeeeee
Chapter 2: Write more pleaseee. Keep fighting authornim
Nhung59 #9
Chapter 2: ~~Please write another chapter authornim ~~
Angah_F2 #10
Chapter 2: I hope you could add more chapters .