After the nuclear wars, most of the world has become uninhabitable except for a few safe zones, where cities and towns were build. There were few people who were still healthy which led to their isolation. Myths of people with mutated genes who might be the solution to many diseases were circulating among the healthy people. Lieutenant Do Kyungsoo's mission is it to find one of those. As Kyungsoo finds Jongin, a young man with mutated genes, he realises that he has only been a pawn used in a bigger plan.


Wow, look at this. I'm back!!

I had a bunch of kpop-related stories which I never published but recently I started editing a few.

This story is also on Ao3.


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Chapter 3: I really really really love this story so much! Gonna be one of my fav fic after this! Kaisoo in this is so heartwarming and aww poor my soo.
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interesting, have been a while since any fic seemed to offer this kind of plot
Yaone_L #3
Chapter 2: You have an interesting plot there. I love your writing. Looking forward to more development.
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Chapter 2: Ohmaigod! This is so wow. I wasn't expecting the main reason the capture people with golden eyes but srsly? Immortality, huh?
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Chapter 1: Whoaaa, this is clearly amazing! I don't why there's not a lot of comment here but babe this fic is so good. Gonna be one of top ten my fav kaisoo fic this week. Jongin's yellow eyes kinda of remind of Prince Wolfgang in king's maker which make me more excited to read this one. I can't believe i have just read this first chapter but y'know it feels that i watching a movie all this time. Lieutenant Do sounded so hot in my ears and i can't help but ti squel everytime i read em'. Oh thanks for the first chap. Gonna read the nxt one soon!
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Wow seems interesting! Gonna read em’ soon=)
lovely99 #7
Good story>>>>

I cant wait to see what will happen next