Seducing Chou Tzuyu


Everyone turned to have one goal and it is: Seducing Chou Tzuyu.


I'm just a newbie writer, go easy on me folks! Thank you, hope you'll enjoy the story~

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PS: The fanart on the cover is not mine, I just grabbed it from google :

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P.s. Dahyun is super adorable in this story, I love her so much ^_^.
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Thanks for the chapter chapter ^_^, I’m sensing some mimo is coming, which I’m perfectly ok with ^_^. This might not end well for them but I think tzuyu made the right decision, even if momo get mad at her for not keeping it a secret. Let’s hope everything works out well for them and nothing really bad happens but something tells me this isn’t the last time tzuyu is going to get involved in this situation, I’m thinking she going to have to do something she might not want to do but she going to anyway, to help momo /or Mina get out of trouble like she did with Sana. Or something even worse, like being kick out of school, it might not go that far but the possibilities are endless. Anyway, I’m just rambling on and on, thanks once again ^_^.
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Chapter 11: Tzuyu you made the right decision, good job !!!
Ps are you falling in love with Mina oh yessss
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Chapter 11: Angry mina is coming, better watch out nancy. Poor momo, she just endures all her problems. She should try to lean on others coz it's hard bearing it all on your own. It's ok tzu, your just trying to help after all
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Chapter 11: Everyone get ready for an adventure of drama coming your way.
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Chapter 11: I have a feeling that MiMo is a potential endgame...
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Chapter 11: you did the right thing tzuyu
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Chapter 11: Wt-- relax mina
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Chapter 10: love your story ajooma ^^ so goooood. btw, ph-once hereee!!! hello there co-onces!!! hihi ^^ waiting for an update and i will make sure to upvote by gaining my karma thingy points kekeke. anyways, i'm newbie here in AFF so i guess it's still hard for me to cope up here. but i will try my best to catch up easily. i'm loving these hihi. ^^
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Chapter 10: What!?? Is momo becoming another contender for tzuyu’s affection??