The blood bind


She didn't want this... She never thought that she will be his soul mate. 
She can't love him back. How can she return his feelings back when she clearly knows that he killed her entire pack......

What if she wanted to be free from him? What will happen if he doesn't want her to leave him? 

Can he force her? Can she be free from him? What if they start to grow feelings towards each other 

Werewolf mates are for life....... Blood of a wolf choose his or her mate.
The blood bind is strong enough to change their moods and the needs but not the feelings....



A true "werewolf", according to most legends, is a human being that uncontrollably transforms into a wolf during a full moon.


Exo Chanyeol
- Alpha of the black shadow pack 
- 7 were wolves in his pack
- He is really a bad , he doesnt even care about others when he takes action. No one volunteered to knock some sense on him because he is really rude and arrogant. 

Exo Sehun
- Chanyeol's cousin 
- He loves to joke around but he is so mean when he is upset. He hates Zei because she was the one who made him leave the pack. 

 Zei (oc)
- Beta of the Whitz (just a random name) pack 
- Mate of Chanyeol
- She is kind a hot tempered but she knows how to control her self 

More characters will be appear in the story 


Pls don't copy my hard work. I created this story with my own ideas. Characters arent mine. I just randomly took Zei as the oc 


Thanks for reading 
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