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the miss right & mysterious boy

TITLE the miss right & mysterious boy (mr&mb)
GENRES romance, fluff, comedy, light crack, semi-au
CHARACTERS chosen applicants
RATING pg-13
INSPIRATION  the romantic & idol, we got married, mnet scandal, idol army???

the miss right &

jhfc or whateverfc or whateverfc or whatever

with the thought of idols dating being more accepted among fans, the television network tvn decided to take it one step further with the announcement of their new show "the miss right & mysterious boy". the program will feature different stars —ranging from popular idols to young newcomers— trying to enjoy their blind dates while having to complete impromptu missions.

"some cast members are young and with their training, they didn't even have time to experience love. they were nervous but quite excited to start filming," a representative from tvn revealed.

rumour has it a few idols from the big 3 were seen recording near the han river, so make sure not to miss the upcoming teasers to discover the identities of the celebrities!


& mysterious boy

note from pd mint ♡ hi i'm bringing this back for 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! it's basically r&i but i don't want to title it r&i lmao && i'm a er for variety shows like happy share company, invincible youth and family outing so the story won't actually be 100% romance. i hope you'll enjoy the story and please give it a lot of love? ♥ i won't abandon this one i promise- also YES it will be applicant x applicant only. (this layout is the most minimalist i've ever done i'm surprised at myself.)
「♡」reviews are finally done! also every time the faq is updated, "❕❕" will be added to the title so you never miss anything ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) thank you<3

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0 points #1
Chapter 2: question !!! how long does the show go on for ?
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Chapter 3: Yay thanks for accepting my app and also for the review!!
Chapter 1: I just realized that the app doesn't have a background part. is that a mistake or?
Chapter 1: just a question: are our character allowed to already be in a relationship?
not to cause any like love triangle drama but more so for then to go on the show to make friends
Chapter 2: So the pairs change right?
Chapter 2: i was wondering if my character can be an idol but she released a solo album? like snsd taeyeon
Chapter 1: Ooh, this seems super interesting! Question: Could I make my character like a reality TV show host? Like Caesar Romano the Dog Whisperer? Or like Long Island Medium?
Chapter 1: i’m going to have so much fun with thisss
Chapter 1: This is so fun and the cheat sheet and your example. ♡
Love it!♡♡
Definitely applying