The Best Of Me || jhs ||


After getting pregnant, 20 year old, Natalie Marin makes one of the hardest decisions she's ever had to make. To choose between remaining with her boyfriend Jung Hoseok and the other members of BTS, but have to face a scandal that could ruin their careers or leave them behind to raise her kids on her own, but Hoseok and BTS' careers remain unchanged and untouched. 

Determined to keep her pregnancy hidden, she leaves her best friends and boyfriend and relocates somewhere in Seoul that she hopes Hoseok and the others would never look for her. 

Days, weeks, months, maybe even years go by as she watches BTS ask at every concert if anyone had seen her, making Natalie begin to wonder if leaving and keeping her pregnancy hidden was truly the best decision. 


Started: December 3rd, 2017
Ongoing: ✔
On Hold: ❌
Discontinued: ❌
Completed: ❌






(Plot for this story is completely from my imagination. PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY PLOT! Thanks.)

(Copyright © 2018 @VoltageKpopAnime16)



            We were a couple for a good year and a half and you were the perfect first boyfriend. You always made me feel so special and loved. Gamsahamnida for that. You are so talented and special. I know that you will forever be cherished. Saranghae always Hoseok and mianhamnida. Perhaps one day we can see each other again and I will tell you the reason why I had to leave.

All my love,



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