Music For My Heart


Eunha is music school pianist and one of the best students.

 Her parents are businessmens of a big Korean corporation.They never wanted to have a child, that's why they don't care about Eunbi and ignore her.  

One day her friend decide to organize a birthday party at the club. 

What if she decides to leave earlier and it will turn out to be her worst decision? What if someone tries to hurt her in a dark alley? 

BUT! What if someone from completly different community than her will risk life to save her?

Will one incident help her escape from the overwhelming everyday life? 


Hello. So..this is my first fanfic!  After reading so many stories here and because someone advised me to try to write something. Here is my story! 

Please love and support my story and sorry for any mistakes!

Big thanks for my friend AmandaMarondsky for making beautiful cover! You're the best


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spangbang12 #1
Chapter 4: Eunha's mother can choke -,-
spangbang12 #2
Chapter 3: Ooh afterglow? Sinb's fansite ? nice. ^^
Chapter 4: Ahhh! Why is Eunha's mom like that?! Sowon did nothig wrong and she saved Eunha many times now!!! So cruel!!!
Hope they will be able to meet again... hopefully Eunha's parents will leave again and continue to ignore Eunha so she can still see Sowon!!!
Great chap, it was so cute and we can feel the closeness as they talked about their past and their life, it was really sweet and well done;)
Good job! Thank you for this new chap! Waiting to the next one now!!!
suu777 #4
Chapter 4: Ugh,we didnt even get the lovey dove yet and now the drama is starting already,my poor eunha TT
Chapter 4: Her mother spoil the mood. I think it will be so hard for them right now to have a relationship
Hope they can meet again
Chapter 4: WHOA WHOA
Chapter 4: Wuuuu it's amazing. Her mom just broke the moment uuuuuuu
Chapter 4: I'm not quite sure of what Eunha's mom meant by "someone like you". someone who's gay? or someone who's a street musician? did Sowon dressed like a hobbo or something?
Chapter 3: AFTERGLOW!!!! I like this band name!! And the song is really cute!
Sowon being Eunha's savior again!!! This two are so so so cute!!!
Thank you for this new chapter!! Can't wait to read more about them!!!
suu777 #10
Chapter 3: Wonha is so cute,umji sowon and yerin in a band,that's so cool