An Unexpected Turn of Events

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This is the story of Taya Elise, eighteen, fairly average, and suddenly on her own. With her dream of a normal life disrupted out of the blue, Taya finds herself being picked up and her life happily bombarded by seven outrageously wonderful young men.


Taya Elise had little ambition for this life. She desired nothing more than a comfortable living with a few loved ones to pass the time away with. Her greatest joys included reading the day away, or finding a secluded spot to listen to her music while daydreaming.

So of course she was shocked and completely at a loss when she found her life turned upside down. Her loved ones had been taken from her side and she found herself completely and utterly alone. Confused and lonely she accepts the offer of a home and work by one, Min Yoongi.

What will be the result of this twist in the course of Taya's life? Well it's certainly more difficult to find time to herself in a house with seven handsome males, that's for sure.

Oh my gosh I love you guys<3 You're all beautiful and amazing and hugs and kisses for everyone;) The story is getting so much love my eyes are getting teary *sniff*
Thank you dears;)

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Chapter 15: love were the story's going
Chapter 14: This really is a btsxoc fic
Chapter 13: Me gawd. So love you! Jhope biased here! Appear! :D
Chapter 13: The way she's still calm but fangirling on the inside. Every ARMY can fell her.
Chapter 12: My heart is full with contentment. This is going to be my favorite story, you slay this. Potraying each of the characters so well and strong storyline. I can see how this lead me. Keep up, I will try to leave comments in every update (cant promise but I will try to catch up :)) you have my support
Chapter 12: Meh heart.... I cant even lie I almost cried at how cute it was~
Chapter 12: Hoseok was the secret person?
Chapter 11: This was cute~
Sakurakilari1 #9
Chapter 10: Still no answer to the identity of Taya's mysterious admirer in this chapter. I'm not going to try to guess as it could be anyone at this stage.
I wonder to whom Taya will give her canvas to and what Taya painted on them ! For some reason i had an abysse in my mind when i tried to guess what she painted and i don't know why XD, like rich shades of blue imitating an oceanic view from abysmal depth looking up towards the surface of the ocean... it's probably not but it could be a good idea for a painting don't you think ? Now i'm tempted to try and paint it to see how it would look like...
Aaaaanyway this a good chapter ! No grammar mistakes or mispelling jumped at my face so that's great and i love how you depict their personnalities in this story !
Chapters are a little short for my test seeing as you would a lot more details of her feelings and maybe of the others points of view as well, but i also think this length of chapters and the way you're writing them makes it a bit easier to read for people seeing as it gives the reader the sensation of smoothly floating through the scenes.
Keep up the good work kitty you're doing great ! (Am i allowed to call you kitty ? )
PS: i'm half asleep right now so i have no idea what i wrote, please bear with me XB
Chapter 10: Hahhaa. Who is it? Hmmmm.