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An accomplished ballerina and university student works as an intern at the same dance studio as an equally-accomplished choreographer / dance teacher works. The choreographer finds herself falling for Mina, making routines specifically designed for the girl, while taking care of her students.


I thrive on comments and sugary food. I also only have a vague outline of how things will go in this story, so readers' suggestions will be taken into account if there are any. 

Unfortunately, I won't have this story finished by the time my semester starting on Monday, please anticipate slower updates than the usual. I was only able to update quickly because I was on winter break :( ฉัน ขอโทษ

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1 points #1
Chapter 15: Cuteee ><
They're gonna be okay right? :'
Don't leaveee
Shut your mind and let your heart breathe
TT (I'm singing)
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Chapter 14: They're so soft <3 Moguri and Minari cuties ♡_♡ Nice kick Mina hahaha xD Yeri not wanting to wash her face is so funny hahaha xD Thank you for the update Author-nim :D Fighting!
mahiaou 1 points #3
Chapter 14: So soft and cute ^_^
37 streak 1 points #4
Chapter 14: ughh I can't handle this softness omg!!! They are so cute together... my favorite family ^-^
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Chapter 14: They're so cute!!! >-<
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Chapter 14: Cute cute cute ><
Btw, Nice kick Minari ^^
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Chapter 14: Another adorable chapter, ughh mina is so cute i'm melting into a puddle of cuteness ;_:
37 streak 1 points #8
Chapter 13: Yeri you are doing amazing sweetie kkkkkk that text was great! Can't wait for Mimo's date ^-^
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Chapter 13: ??we all burn rice from time to time ahahaha. And also, can you please have side moments of the J-line or at least Nayeon&Sana's love life kekekeke