Every night





Every night it rains.

Every night he regrets.

Every night she hides.

Every night he cries.


Every night he looks.

Every night she sings.

Every night he calls.

Every night she hears.


Every night he dreams.

Every night she dies.

Every night love fails.

Every night the world listens.


Every night they yearn for each other.

Every night I sacrifice myself for them.

Every night I look up at the clear night sky.

For every night, tears and raindrops fall upon me.



Hi. This is Ryu. This story was based from a Philippine Myth Tungkung Langit and Alunsina. I came across this story when it was given to us as a homework. You should read it first. I know I have another story but I have this one on hold for years. So I guess if I post it here, I have an obligation to continue writing this. Let me know what you think about it. Comment and Subscribe. :)

There would be 16 chapters all in all. The title of every chapter would be the lines in the poem. I guess that might give you some hint on what would happen. I try to update soon if I have the time. Thank youuu! I love you guys!

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109 streak #1
Chapter 1: Wow it's amazing, I really like your writing and the story is good!
yehet_hunhun94 #2
Wowowowowoow updaaaate soooooon!!