Recursive Agency


Jongin, a former soldier, enters "the Factory" to train to be a secret agent. Through the years of training and working in the field, he encounters many faces in "the Factory" and unknowningly uncovers a conspiracy centered around Lee Taemin and many others.

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Totyfroty #1
Chapter 14: I like action <3 how did they know about them??
Totyfroty #2
Chapter 9: Yeeeess they’re together now yaaay. Taekai fighting for your assignments.
Author-nim fighting.
Chapter 8: It's okay - I LOVVEEE YOUR STORY. And yessss Kai and Taemin are sooo cuteeee and nooooo Taemin has this ugly Hair Cut xD please change it - just kidding : for me it's not important Taemin is Taemin and he is hot AND cute and he belong to Kai that matters. ?
Chapter 7: I looooovvveee drama~ ♡♡♡♡ I love it when one of the main character is in real danger and being cut or something like that but in the last second someone could save him
Totyfroty #5
Chapter 6: Oh !! Run taeminnie run ??.. jongin please be faster and save Taemin.
Chapter 6: Omgg jongin pls save taemin T T
Chapter 5: Wow interesting! i'm so curious what will happen next..
Chapter 4: Wow ~ already a new chapter ! I think I begin to really enjoy your story and the ideas that I can see here.
Chapter 3: Yay, some Taekai interactions. It would be really cool / sweet when they do this often ,like meeting late night and training together and then they become after some time closer agahsvvabajabsbsbsbsjs sorry I am just a really huge Taekai shipper. But really - who couldn't ship them?! And even when it's only on a friend / brother type
Chapter 2: It really looks interesting. I will keep the story in my mind. Good luck ~