holiday spirit ain't the only kind

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An ongoing collection of little stories for your enjoyment, starting with a bit of holiday spirit.

"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves."


I know it's not holdiay season anymore, but who really cares when I still have gingerbread cookies left over? Coming to your doorsteps soon.


w o w  f i n a l l y . Don't question it.

unrelated to basically everything, but I managed to whip up a cover of the instrumental for Peek-A-Boo in FL Studio and I feel so damn satisfied

in other news I have a bajillion drafts collecting dust and I got my eye on this weird magical narcolepsy curing sandwich-thingies one :) fun

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Chapter 3: Their most recent ig post (the one during ISAC) reminded me so much of this!! And this is just really amusing! Hahah i cant help but laugh while imagining what that hat would look like, especially on Seulgi's head hahaha
shysolar 0 points #2
Chapter 3: I really really really love the way you write and your one shots
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Chapter 2: What the ...

Man, I am so sad.

The thermostat is acting up here, as well. You froze whilst writing and I froze whilst reading. My heart is frozen. I need some fluffeh warmth to infuse my entire being right now.
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Chapter 3: I have a duck hat. complete with its very orange beak protruding so widely. and I have a very similar bag as well xD
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Chapter 1: Hey, I really like your style of writing. The fic was nice and fluffy ... just like a Christmas story should be. It doesn't even matter that the holiday season is long and truly over, for the sense of festiveness still resonates through your writing. Nice.
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Victor Hugo. Hey, that was too easy. Is that a trick question or what?

Okay, I guess I'll get to read your actual story now.
linszz17 #7
Chapter 2: No wait a minute, you wrote the first time 00:00 and the second time its 24:01. The second timing might not have existed right? Or is it like a time for the dead and seulgi’s soul is visiting joohyun watching her cry. It still gets to me that they didnt have their own mini seulrene :(
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Chapter 2: Is this like, alternate ending or smth? the beginning was okay. I mean, not confusing at all. but the ending.. for once I thought Seulgi was coming back home but only for a few hours. but it can't be when her death's time was 5:34 and she was back at 24:01 and Joohyun was surely won't let seulgi go anymore. so yeah, I believe the last ending must be an alternate ending. BUT IDK ;__;
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Chapter 2: NO. NO. i knew there was something wrong with 24:01 (it being in red font) this just..gah. a sweet yet sad piece. I actually like how you arranged this, it could get confusing but then the next part would tell you the reason why it was what it was. I must say, i wanted to see those mini seulrene running around :(

Great piece tho. Thank you for sharing this!
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Chapter 1: Just where can I get a lawn owner's daughter just like Kang Seulgi? God, I'm seriously jealous of Joohyun ;__;