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⟪ GENRE ⟫ sports, friendship, highschool au, romance, apply ⟪ CHARACTERS ⟫ sistar, chansung, jimin, applicantas, etc. ⟪ RATING ⟫ pg-13 ⟪ STARTING DATE ⟫ tba ⟪ DEADLINE ⟫ tba



Established in 1897, Hana Academy is one of the older public schools in northern Seoul. It is slightly above average in academics but is ranked fairly high in sports. Their sports teams have won numerous times and brought home many, many trophies and a good reputation for the school. While sports such as basketball, soccer, badminton, tennis, skating, and even golf, were highly respected in school volleyball was never offered. Volleyball never gained popularity when past teachers offered to coach it and so the team was never formed. The ridicule for the sport, the failure of it forming and even to those who showed the slightest interest built up over the years to the point of no one wanting to even mention the "cursed" sport.

Fast forward to September 1st 2017, the start of the new school year, and news of a recently hired teacher trying to start up the volleyball team spreads. Students snickered and turned their attention away from the woman putting up the posters/sign up sheets in various school locations. It was nonsense. No one would join, no one in the school had interest in the sport, and, even if they did join, a large amount of people in the school didn't even know how to play. They wouldn't win against the other schools. Everyone thought the same thing, except for 3 coaches and 8 very different girls.


⟪ AUTHOR'S NOTE ⟫ Hello! My name is Elle and i decided to make an applyfic with my favorite sport in mind. i had an urge to do this for a while now and have planned a large portion of the story already but i need characters~ i really want to start this and finish it and so I'll try to do just that!! have fun!!

⟪ RULE ⋮ 001 ⟫ Subscribing is a must if you are applying or if you just want to. ⟪ RULE ⋮ 002 ⟫ Please read and follow the cheatsheet very carefully. It will help you. 
⟪ RULE ⋮ 003 ⟫ Reusing an old app is fine as long as they fit the concept of the story.
⟪ RULE ⋮ 004 ⟫ Be nice~ 
⟪ RULE ⋮ 005 ⟫ Please do enjoy the story~

Thank you so much for all those subscribed to this story! I'll try and get the cheatsheet and the application itself out tomorrow or on January 2nd just cuz life is really busy right now, y'all know what I mean~

Thnx again~~

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this is cute! im applying for sure.
Chapter 2: can't wait, i actually play volleyball too this looks interesting ><!
this gives me haikyuu vibes omg i love!!
dimeb29 #4
Can’t wait to apply! I love volleyball and used to play back in high school. Ive missed it a lot lately so I can’t wait to enjoy this story.
Chapter 1: i likes the idea of this
only bc i was the manager of my highschool volleyball team
cheery45 #6
Is this a roleplay??