Office Roses

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Wheein has started a new job where she meets Byulyi, someone she never expected to see ever again. She jumps head first to find out more about this woman who saved her. However, in the office where gossip runs rampant, Wheein attempts to balance work and social life. She, amongst others, soon discover this is a lot easier said than done. 




I got the inspiration after reading Takemiya Jin's 'An Absurb Relationship'. I love all her works, so I recommend everyone to read them :D


P.S. Forgive my poor attempt at a story cover. If anyone can do a better job with the specific image, or a photo where the group is dressed smart, then please make me one OTL

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mmmrvapink #1
Chapter 6: So byul will use wheein T-T
Why are you doing this Yong?
MMM_SoShi 36 streak #2
Chapter 6: Byul only has Yong
But Yong doesn't need Byul..

Ouch.. the angst.... ugh.....
Too much....

Thankyou for the update author-nim~
galaxystruck #3
Chapter 5: damn angst authornimm T.T
that "i only have her" really stings my heart T.T
Chapter 5: The last sentence shot me...
passerbyz #5
Chapter 5: Oh yay! another update. argh I can feel myself just being torn through out this story.

new song is amazing. so happy mb’sfinally showing off her vocals.
MMM_SoShi 36 streak #6
Chapter 5: Thankyou for the update author-nim
Now im curious if yong likes byul

IM SO EXCITED OMG OMG *okay sorry lol*

See you on the next chap~
passerbyz #7
ooo very interesting. Looking forward to where you’ll take this. Im usually all about moonsun but as of now wheebyuls too cute. I’m confused. Haha

Happy New Year! :)
galaxystruck #8
ah i forgot to tell you this

galaxystruck #9
Chapter 4: Shiet i still cant get rid off my moonsun heart and that wheesa moment tho T.T
how i wish this will end up as moonsun and wheesa although i love that wheebyul moment
Qwertyneo #10
Chapter 4: Oh maaaan... i somehow know i basically dive in into a story with complicated and delicate relationship in the future. There is possible be a happy ending with inevitable heartbreak for other, while I will be that person who loves each character. So... oh ...