Everything has changed

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Yoo Jungyeon is a one and only son of the most famous and richest family.

He can get all want he want in just a few seconds and enjoy his life, But not until his parents die cause of airplane crash.

After what happened jungyeon's grandmother and grandfather hold everything and even jeongyeon need to work in his family company to support himself and get want he want, which is not he use to do.



(Please understand my words, because this is my first story and english is not my first language.)


(Someone's watching the inoccent man from distance)


One day I will make sure you will die in front of me with your own blood, after what you did to my bestfriend get ready to suffer. I will not let you go Mr.Yoo you're mine now and I will take what's yours little by little until you cry and beg for help.

The chapter 4 is out! Who do you think the letter from in the end? Thank you for reading my story, even some of the words are typo or the sentences are so confusing. I apologize, english in not my first language. Not even my second or third, but my fourth.

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pickletradish 0 points #1
Chapter 5: I think Momo love Jeongyeon and hope Jeongyeon love momo too in the end <3
0 points #2
Chapter 2: Jeongyeon with a no with street food.? Hahahaha that's new
Chipchill #3
Chapter 3: Is that mina who try to kill jungyeon??