Can't Help Falling In Love

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Kim Jisoo, aka "The Playgirl" is famous on their university as she already dated almost all of her blockmates and also teachers. 

Lisa, the somewhat unknown and shy type girl who only has one friend named Chaeyoung transferred to the university where Jisoo is studying as she was bullied on her previous school.

What will happen if this two girls met having very different attitudes? Will they be just a strangers, friends or more than that?


"Hey chichu!! You know that transferee? They said that she's going to transfer once the classes are back and hell, they said that she's really beautiful" Jennie said. 

"You know what I don't care about her. I heard that this girl doesn't want to talk to anyone except her bestfriend. I mean, her one and only friend! I'm not sure but maybe her name is Chaeyoung, and she's gonna transfer with her here. Poor little girl, grew up having only one friend."

"Oh come on, you're so sure about Chaeyoung's name. You still remember her right?" 

"Who wouldn't? She's a ."

Just did a short update because of school. I hope you understand guys, thank you!

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dsylm3 1 points #1
Chapter 25: Chaennie pls
1 points #2
Chapter 25: Wah protective jisoo is hereeee. Prove that you won't hurt jennie, chaeyoungie!! Lisa u know u want jisoo too~
hamcheese 1 points #3
The more I read the comments, the more I wanna know how the story goes
Sahijina #4
Chapter 24: This is so good. Waiting for the next update.
Chapter 24: Lol Lisa is such a jealous girl.
1 points #6
Chapter 23: Awh jisoo... dont be sad baby. Lisa likes you too!!
Chapter 22: Wah lisaaa. You caught jisoo at a bad time. I trust on my ship. Be strong!! Also chaennie, don't hesitate. ;)
Marshall_Lee95 1 points #8
Chapter 21: Hey there, I love this story and I also wanted to say that I hope you don't feel discouraged to write lisoo. I love that ship and I'd love to read any stories you write for them. I hope you don't feel pressured to write more and more chaennie, I don't mind the ship but this is a lisoo story and I think you should put the focus back to them. Anyway thanks for the chapter and I'll be looking forward to the next one. :)
1 points #9
Chapter 21: Hey!
First of all and the most important one is i Love this story and I’m really looking forward to more!
And second... I wanted to say that I LOVE LISOO!!!! In my opinion one of the more underrated shippings (along with the other Shipping with Jisoo that isn’t Jensoo) and I just wanted to say, that if you feel pressured to make more Chaennie because other people request you to do so please continue with Lisoo... I love them and it’s so rare to find an awesome Lisoo story... and it would be really sad for me to see an amazing Lisoo story turn into a Chaennie story (idk why, but I don’t really like them together but it’s ok for me...)
Please dont feel offended or smth. like that i just wanted to point that out :D
PrettyChas 1 points #10
Chapter 21: Chaennie playing with my heart again.. but i'm curious as to when rosie started liking jennie... is it whe she was still with jisoo or with that guy or was it just recent... lisa is kyut as cheering rosie and jen but what about jisoo...would she be comfortavle with it?