↷ love history roleplay ♡ 『 lhrp 』: facebook based, just opened and active! 10-15+ online daily ♡

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fb. non-au. semi-lit. all ualities loved.
hit the lights, let's go! welcome to love history, where you'll fall in love with all of us just like automatic - though all the girls are automatically married to youngji ♡
we're cute as heck though, and from the words of our own - we're friendly and warm and welcoming and weird as ♡

one. subscribing is a must, upvote if you can ♡ two. inactivity for three or more days = removal. pm/ooc/dp changes do not count. three. dating ban is two weeks. we're not a dating site, we want you to make friends too! moving couples are welcome. four. character changes must be at least one week apart. five. drama is allowed to some extent. message an admin if you feel uncomfortable with anything. six. /mature content is to be kept within pm. we have no rated group. seven. this is a closed roleplay. keep your friends list clean after each activity check. eight. keep ooc content within brackets or the designated group. p'w is your favourite tv show. note. we run with a strike system. three strikes = removal. if you've been security checked, you have three days to let us know and make a new account.
zero. please refrain from applying if you're going to join only to become inactive or leave the moment you're added. one. make sure you have read and understood all the rules. two. request your faceclaim (full name + group or @ + pw). reservations last 24 hours. three. wait for your request to be approved before making your account. set your alternate name to lh (+faceclaim's name if not in english). four. add the admins and request to join the groups (links below). five. upon arrival, post an introduction in the lh wall. read the guidelines pinned in the announcements group.
groups  one  two  three  four  five



taken. reserved. admin.
15& jimin
after school nana
astro minhyuk moonbin eunwoo17
blackpink jisoo rose jennie lisa
bTS v jungkook jimin
EXO baekhyun sehun kai yixing chen suho kyungsoo chanyeol
got7 jackson
momoland nancy
monsta x Wonho Jooheon Minhyuk
NCT Taeyong
ohmygirl arin17
pristin Kyulkyung
red velvet wendy seulgi irene joy
seventeen scoups junhui mingyu woozi wonwoo jeonghan hoshi16 the817
sf9 rowoon
shinee taemin
snsd yoona taeyeon tiffany Sooyoung
t-ara jiyeon
twice nayeon momo dahyun sana mina tzuyu16 chaeyoung
vixx Hongbin n Ken hyuk
wanna one daniel guanlin
WekiMeki yoojung
WSJN eunseo Luda
solo youngji ailee jessica jung 
other harry styles shawn mendes 
monster woo Choi Jiwoon Nahee (@knhs2)16 christian yu cindy kimberly (@wolfiecindy)17
regular. urgent.
krystal monsta x
mingyu full svt (esp hoshi + the8), shin ryujin, loona's vivi + jinsoul
minhyuk rest of monsta x, infinite (esp l)
ailee ukiss' kiseop, kevin woo, eric nam
jisoo rest of monsta x, anyone from yg family, cl, active peeps
eunseo rest of wjsn, sistar
youngji highlight (esp gikwang), shownu, dindin, idols with dogs
sehun xiumin, kris wu
harry 1d, more internationals
guanlin cl, sunmi, dualipa, wanna one + pd101 dudes
271217 | now open!
030118 | one week down, we already
have 50+ members!







inactives cleared, wishlist has been renewed (and will be done so every fortnight) ♡

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