Reality Check

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She remembers how the car hit her body causing her to fly from the road. She remembers how she was approached by many concern citizens. She remembers how the blaring sounds of the upcoming ambulance just for her. She remembers how she was carried and quickly went to the hospital. She remembers how the doctor and nurses were really urgent in terms of saving her. And yet... she died.

Kim Soojin remembers it all, but she wakes up not being the normal university student who wants to make her parents proud. She finds herself in an another's body with memories of her childhood as the person she is now.

Her new self given by God. Ren Soojin.


Character Introduction

Kim Soojin/Ren Soojin

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Kim Soojin is a cheerful university student who was about to come home from part time. She saw a child wondering in the street looking so lost because of the butterfly on her hand. She didn't seem to hear the blaring of the truck as it was speeding up. Being selfless as she is, she jumped and push the reckless kid who was also startled at her action. The next thing she knows, it was dark.

Ren Soojin is the complete opposite of Kim Soojin. She wasn't cheerful and nice towards people she doesn't know. If she were to ask the original soul who lived in this bodyabout if she'll save the kid. She wouldn't fudging care about the well being of the kid. Also she doesn't need to work part time as money goes through her bank so easily.

Red Velvet

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Red Velvet is an idol group who knows about the latters staying in the next room. They would often see her talking to her phone or enjoying a cup of coffee, but they never talked to her as she never took an interest to the group. But as they heard a long shout perhaps because of shock, they went ahead and knock the latter's door. Without expecting a forbidden flower starting to bloom...




I really like interaction between Blackpink and Red Velvet. So I decided to make Jennie as her sister because she's my second bias. She looks a like Ren Soojin.

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Chapter 3: I love you, I’ll comment this in every chapter v:
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Chapter 2: Omg does she have like two personalities then?
Chapter 2: Bruh, this story is so good and it only has 2 chapters, I love you v: