Notice me

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"Senpai, I like you!"

   "Sen- what?"

"Senpai noticed me!!!"

In where Kim mingyu kept on bothering his beloved hyung, jeon wonwoo."I won't fall in love with you..never" wonwoo said spitting hatred from his mouth as mingyu walked closer."Is that a dare,hyung?"



This will be my second meanie book!! I dunno why I just can't let go off'm a gyuhao, wonhui , jeongcheol , junhao ,Jihan, soonhoon, jicheol,verkwan, chancheol,minshua, ( I literally ship everybody in seventeen with each other...get the idea?) ..but! I can't let go off meanie.


Let just be honest..

Meanie is classic.


the cover is a little bit... might think that....why is the name wonhunny17 instead of my aff name...because I published this story on wattpad...and wonhunny17 is my wattpad name..(pls check it out ?)

I'm not ready to post a .../(/0//0/)/ someone help me

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41 streak #1
Chapter 21: LOL Jun and wonwoo bickering each other is so hilarious! XD
Omg! I can't imagine how cute and funny Wonwoo will be if he really wear a sweatpants in the party! >_< ♡
Chapter 21: I love Jun so muchhh
41 streak #3
Omg this is going to be one of my favourite meanie fanfics >_<" ♡
fenomena94 #4
Chapter 17: awh mingyu is so sweet:’)
HanneyLee #5
Chapter 16: Happppppppppppy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrr..!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my god.. I literally can't handle the fluffiness.. Meanie is lifeeeeeeeeee.. Kay imma go check out your other story.. To satisfy my meanie crave.. Ciao ciaoo..
Chapter 16: Happy New Year hunny~~~
Oh my meanie heart ... you made me believe Gyu is a ghost lols .... aigoooooo... hahahha.
So fluffy and cute . Imagine confuse wonu running around in gyu's pajamas .. soooooooo cuteeeeeeeeee.
Chapter 15: Oh he taking care of sick Mingyuuu ❤ and a yes for special chapter.
Bubbaboo #8
Chapter 13: lol. tbh, I'm actually seeing the logic with all that if there's meanie there should be junhao thing xD
davidkim #9
Chapter 13: oh please update it's so interesting