Royal Family fanfic list

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Favourite fan fiction list on aff, mostly about snsd (royal family) yulsic ♡♡♡ :D


Hope this will help, thanks :))

The stories are belong to the right owners, none of them are mine...obvioulsy...Enjoy! 

*please recommend  your favourite stories too, we will gladly read it, write it in the comment section :))thank you very much everyone!! 

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yulsic26 0 points #1
Chapter 78: Please help to find another yoonhyun
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Taeny <3
tipco09 20 streak #3
I'm glad that there are people like you who save us a lot of time by posting fics you like. I suggest though that you indicate what pairing it is ( kryber, yoonyul, taeny, yulsic, etc. ) because some may read only specific pairs. For example, I only read TaeNy.
BluBird418 #4
Chapter 74: Who lives in the Mystic Abbey by rukia014 you need to check that out, or everything of her works she's my go to author when it comes to Yulsic.
windowpaine #5
Line 49 by (Yulsic, Taeny, Hyoyoung, Yoonhyun, Sunsic)
Summary: The struggle is different for everyone; we all take different measures to deal with our problems. Friendships are created and tossed upside down, love is found, love is lost, and trust is formed and betrayed as these nine girls find their places in each other's lives.
sinrinjensooyulsic08 86 streak #6
Chapter 64: Oww thanks for this authornim! I need new yulsic story now because of you i already found one!
hansyy #8
Finally i have a time to make a comment to share the story i ever read. Hahaha. Sorry just show up now
Most of the stories here are in my upvotes list, and thank you to make this one so i can read other stories i havent read.
Ill share some best aff stories i ever read, maybe later ill make another comment to share the stories i found on ssf. Here we go XD

Yulsic Crack
The Queer Life of Kwon Yuri by boredoutofmind

Yulsic Angst/drama
Letting Her Go by Black-Rose

His Warm Hands by hanzoo_appa

Hated and Forgotten (the different story) by smjlee

If Only by KJ2122

Love Is Not Blind by UnknownCreature1

Count the Star by se7en_heaven

Cant Hear The Music by daniel21

Talking to The Moon by rukia014

In Time by stitch_626

And this kryber author, i really love all her story line,
keimagod author.
Chapter 51: Woah~ Thanks for putting all of these! Most of the stories you posted are my favorites. I will try and check my files if I can dig out some more.

PS I really appreciate that you included my oneshot here. :) Thanks!