Our Daughter (English Version)


As in a dream come true, like a miracle
If only I could run through time and grow
In this crazy world
I would take you by the hand



I love you, just like that. As the end of a long road.
I leave behind the infinite sadness of this world,
walking on the diverse and unknown roads
I follow a dim light.
It is something we will do together in the end, in the new world.

(Girls' Generation- Into The New World)


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Tiffany Hwang


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Jessica Jung


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Hwang Eun Bi

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nathanchen #1
Chapter 15: continue soon authornim i cant wait
LilJungHwang #2
Chapter 15: Its okay i love sanha too esp sana hahaha
nathanchen #3
i just find this story today. good story authornim. i hope you will continue soon fighting
000521 #4
sc reams jeti and sinb??? heaven
Hwangshinra #5
Chapter 12: Then what about the fate of tiff now ??? I need explanation for tiff too author-nim :3
Chapter 12: Yes sinb can stay with jessica
Chapter 11: Ah so much suspense!
09983820298 142 streak #8
Chapter 12: Thank goodness that you decided to not delete this story. I seriously cry because of the plot.. And i felt bad for sinb because of how Tiffany and taeyeon treat her.. And i hope for SinRin . I'm a big shipper of SinRin hahahahah(^.^)(^v^)(≧∇≦)/(*^▽^*)
Biofire #9
Chapter 11: This story is interesting, so please don't delete it. I look forward to your next update.
Chapter 11: Please don't erase the story! I don't find this confusing at all and I think it's really interesting