A Jisoo fanfic. Lol. 


Events happening because of Jisoo's forgetfulness and Jungkook's kind gesture. 

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Chapter 6: Aww.. My heart hurts for kookie. I hope everything would be okay between my babies JungSoo in the next book or so.. Kekeke. Thanks for this wonderful fic author-nin..
Chapter 2: Ahhh!!!!! JungSoo is ❤
elcielo #3
Chapter 6: Hahaahha nice one authornim
Chapter 6: My heart!!! Author-nim, how could you do this to me? *crying in the corner with Jungkook* it's okay Kookie you have this noona *crying* I also ship Yoonsoo! Omg, you're continuing this story?! Yasssss!!!! Love triangle????? I'm excited! My Jungkook *crying again*
Chapter 5: My Jichu is perfect! Jungkook is so sweet!
Chapter 4: Lol he just exposed himself hahaha He's so sprung lol please update soon =)
Chapter 4: Omg this chapter was cute. I just loved how Jungkook is thoughtful. Really enjoying this story.
Halian #8
Chapter 3: Jungkook being whipped is life! Hahahaah they are so cute!!
Chapter 3: Jungkook is whipped! Lol Lisa oppa is going to kill you if you hurt our Jichu! Love this chapter!
Chapter 2: Oooo I love any story involving Jisoo. She’s so shippable with everyone. I hope you’ll continue writing this. I’ve been looking for some Jisoo x Jungkook stories and there really isn’t any though.