My new story


The king summoned her three grandchildren to find three people in the world of a human who had a half vampire  and half human blood . But why the king told them to find them and what would be waiting for them. 

All in this is vampire 

Kings and queen who guarding north 
Kwon Yuri and kwon jessica

And their 3 daughter's 
which guarded in three corners from warewolf

First daughters who guarding in the south
Kwon yoona and and her wife kwon seohyun 
Has one daughter's name Dahyun

Second daughters who guarding in the east
Kwon sooyoungand her wife kwon sunny
Has one daughter's name chaeyoung

Third daughters who guarding in the west
Kwon taeyeon and her wife kwon tiffany
Has one daughter's name kwon tzuyu

they work protecting the vampire kingdom from the warewolf who invaded their kingdom.

The fairy tales that everybody in the vampire world has always heard is a sign that has been given since long ago

In this story I will be tzuyu

****** means I just skip


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